Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Bombshell

Dear Bombshell-
So, last year, Lee bought me a cobalt blue, small, patent leather Coach bag with light tan leather straps. I love it, but I don't carry it much since it feels fancier than what I wear normally. I know Lee would love it if I used it more. What is your take? Is it okay to carry a fancy little bag on an average day knowing the type of dresser I am?

- Kimmers

It's certainly not out of the question to carry a smaller, more elegant purse during the day. In fact, I'll often tuck a smaller purse into the large cross-body bag that I carry to the office on a daily basis. It's nice to pull out the small bag and run to lunch or pop over to the mall with just my keys, wallet and cell phone.

I happen to know that this is the exact purse in question:

So cute! I'm guessing that what might be tripping you up is the fact that this is not a purse that'll fade into the background of whatever you might be wearing it with. And I think that's a good thing! Blue is a surprisingly neutral color in that there aren't many other colors that it clashes with. It "goes" with a lot of different color palettes.

And while the shiny patent leather might seem difficult to work with, it's actually a really great way to work a little texture into an outfit. And if you recall, adding texture is one of my fashion new year's resolutions! My one suggestion would be to avoid pairing the patent leather bag with any other patent leather pieces, like shoes. That would be a bit much.

Here are a few outfit ideas that I've put together, inspired by the classic-yet-casual looks I know you favor.

My best advice? Just take a leap and start carrying the purse. You'll get more comfortable with it in due time. Let me know how it goes, Kimmers!


  1. Wow! A whole post to answer my question. I feel honored. :) Thanks Sara! P.S. Kudos to you for remembering the picture!

  2. Hey! That Gap striped shirt? They had those on clearance in the plus size section of old navy. I scored one in each of the colors they had left; blue, pink and yellow. They were about 5 bucks and some change a piece!

  3. I own that Gap shirt, myself - it's so cute! Might have to go scoop up a few more colors. Thanks, Leslie!

    And Kimi, you're definitely worth a whole post. :) Hope you like it!


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