Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bombshell Reader: Kenz

For as much style inspiration as I get from magazines and celebrities, I get waaaay more excited about seeing a really cute, fashionable girl on the street. For one thing, real women walking around usually look more like I do (as opposed to models and celebrities) and they usually wear obtainable clothes (as opposed to $3,000 skirts and $800 shoes).

In a world so obsessed with being skinny, and in which most fashion magazines and marketing vehicles push images of size 0 models at us, I think it's really important for plus size women to see images of other plus size women. Especially stylish plus size women! So to that end, I'm going to feature some of Bombshell Beauty's very own readers. And the very first featured Bombshell is Kenz!

I got to know Kenz through the comments she would leave on my posts - her blogger signature (which features little hearts on either side of her name) made me think that she's open and friendly - a true sweetheart. After finding out that Kenz keeps her own blog, I learned that she was all that and so much more.

All the Weigh chronicles Kenz's journey toward a healthier, happier self through fitness and nutrition. One of the things that makes Kenz's blog (and her) so special is that she's incredibly candid, sharing a lot of really relatable roadblocks and how much of a struggle her journey can be.

One of the other things that makes Kenz so special is how freaking pretty she is! I mean, check out this smile:

Gorgeous. And I love that lip color. Not sure if it's genetics or lipstick... Anyway. I asked Kenz to send me a few pictures of herself wearing her favorite clothes and to share a few thoughts or tips on her personal style. First off, the pics:

How would you describe your style?
When I'm not working, I find myself exercising a lot so I tend to be very casual these days. When I'm not wearing workout clothes (and gosh, it seems like I am most of the time) you'll usually find me in bootcut jeans with a pair of leather booties and a cowl neck sweater or a pair of low-rise trousers.

Who are your style icons?
There are so many amazing style icons out there, but my favorite is Kimberly from She's a real girl who has curves and isn't afraid to accentuate them. And she has helped me, much like you have, to accept my body and put my best foot forward.

What inspires you each morning as you get dressed?
When I look my best, I feel my best. So when I get dressed I try to dress for the occasion whether it's work or an evening out with friends. I wear what makes me feel prettiest that day. And I never forget to use Laura Gellar's Wonder Wand to make me look rested even on those mornings that I wake up still feeling sleepy.

Favorite places to shop?
I typically shop at Lane Bryant, B&Lu and Avenue. But I'm really looking forward to expanding my shopping options over the next year. I've lost over 75 pounds since April so I should be able to add Nordstrom to the list soon. It's one of my favorite stores to shop in for clothes, shoe, make-up, handbags and other accessories.

Many thanks to Kenz for sharing her pics and thoughts about fashion. So...who's next? Send an email to if you'd like to be the next featured Bombshell!

Don't Forget: Help Haiti with Hana Purchase

Just wanted to keep this special offer from Hana Salon & Misikko; if you purchase a Hana styling tool from Misikko between now and Feb 3rd, you'll receive a blank personal check for $25 & a stamped envelope from Hana's CEO.

This is absolutely legit - I received mine yesterday and about fell over when I pulled out the personal check. Hana & Misikko are making it easy to give back to Haiti or any group (or individual) who needs some help. So if you've been meaning to buy a new flat iron, now is the time! And Hana products are top quality - really excellent.

On the Fence...

I'm still not sure how I feel about the one-sleeved trend that's everywhere right now. I knew it was coming, thanks to a Spring Preview last fall in Harper's Bazaar. And at the time I thought, "Hmmm...well, it could be cute." But I've hated every single red carpet dress that I've seen sporting one, solitary, off-balanced sleeve.

But then I saw this one-sleeved top while browsing Asos Curve, the new plus size line from British retailer Asos:

I really like this top. It's dramatic and swirly and, while the angle of the picture is a little skewed, I think it works. What do you think - are you on board with this look? And check out the rest of the Asos Curve collection; they have a lot of really great pieces!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Easiest Outfit Ever

I love this outfit, the foundation of which is the wool plaid skirt. It makes getting dressed a snap because the skirt itself is so distinct that I don't have to worry about adding a bunch of layers or accessories with it to make a whole look. The skirt is, essentially, the look. It's also my mom's! Crazy, huh? She used to wear this, circa 1984.

Sorry you can't see my shoes in this shot - Dan and I are going to work on his photography skills (thanks for taking my pics, honey!). For the record, they're black Mary Jane heels.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Battle of the Boxed Hair Color: L'Oreal Excellence to Go vs. Clairol Perfect 10

The sudden appearance of my roots and a few twangy gray hairs had me running to the hair color aisle at Target this weekend. I usually reach for my favorite - Clairol Perfect 10 in 5A Medium Ash Brown - but noticed a new box on the shelf: L'Oreal Excellence to Go.

I like a lot of L'Oreal's makeup and skincare, so I thought I'd go out on a limb and give their hair color a try. (I know, a lot of people don't consider switching brands of hair color to be "going out on a limb.") I tried to choose a color by doing a side-by-side comparison of my Perfect 10 shade, and ended up picking Excellence to Go in 4 Dark Brown. I may have been influenced by the fact that the box's model looks a little like Kristen Stewart. (Maybe. Just a little.)

I ended up really liking my hair color. The results were a little darker than I was expecting, but the box did say dark brown so I was fairly warned. There were certain things about Excellence to Go that I loved, and other things that left me wishing I'd stuck with Perfect 10. Bottom line: both products are great, and I now have two brands that I can rely on whenever my roots get out of control. I will probably go back to Perfect 10 because of a few personal preferences which I've outlined below. There are four major points of comparison for me with hair color:

Scent: Home hair color is going to smell, it just is. I know that. But scent and fumes are two different things. I found the Excellence to Go scent more of the headache-inducing variety than Perfect 10's. Not unbearable, and certainly not overwhelming. Just a little stronger.

Consistency: In this category, Excellence was the clear winner. Perfect 10 is very thin and runny. It ends up all over me and my bathroom no matter how patient and careful I am with color application. Excellence, however, is thicker and creamier. It clung to my strands and didn't run down my face.

Post-treatment conditioner: I loooove Perfect 10's follow up conditioner. It's thick and smells like coconut and leaves my hair feeling silky and looking bouncy. Love. So it was going to be hard for Excellence to even have a chance in this category. It didn't. Their conditioner smells more floral, which is kind of "meh." But what truly disappointed me was the way my hair felt after using it - lifeless and weighed down.

Overall look of hair: Once everything's all said and done, the only thing that really matters is how the color turns out. Both products produce rich, dimensional color. I can see color variation (the good kind, like highlights and lowlights) in my hair; it's not a one-tone saturation of color. I'm equally happy with the color results of both Perfect 10 and Excellence to Go.

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's 7:00 AM this morning, the doors to my closet are wide open and I've been staring at the clothes inside for six minutes. Nothing's leaping out at me saying, "Put me with those pants and that pair of shoes!" I have just a couple of casual meetings at work, followed by Happy Hour with Dan - so something cute (and a little flirty, maybe) is in order. Nothing too businessy since I'll be sitting at my desk most of the day. I need some help, Lloyd Boston-style.

Flipping, flipping through his book Before You Put That On - 365 Daily Style Tips for Her...ok. Page 53. "Try chocolate brown & classic pink for a look that speaks of sweetness and retro glamour." That sounds perfect! Lloyd says that sometimes you just need a fresh take on a color combination to find a new look. So true.

Instead of reaching for my (usual) gray denim mini skirt to start building an outfit, I'm going for a short, tiered skirt in a light champagne pink. It's technically a spring skirt, but with a pair of brown tights and boots it'll be hearty enough for today's 33 degrees.

A basic white, crew neck tee and a long brown cardigan pull it all together. The long cardigan is essential in connecting the brown on top with the brown on the bottom of my body. It's keeping me from looking cutting in half- which can equal stumpy. I'm pretty sure Lloyd would not condone stumpiness.

So...I'm dressed. Success! Next time I'll take a picture of myself actually in the outfit. But it's been a hectic morning (a.k.a. I'm still working on my hair and makeup.)

What's your secret for inspiring an outfit? Do you start with an accessory, or shoes? For some reason, I always start with a skirt or pants.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help Haiti with Purchase of Hana Styling Tools

As absolutely tragic as the effects of the earthquake that rocked Haiti have been, it's equally inspiring to see so many people from all over the world leap into action to help in whatever way they can. As an average, 20-something woman living in the Twin Cities, I watch the coverage of Haiti's devastation on my nightly news; I feel helpless as images of people who are hurt and suffering flash across my TV screen. And because I do feel helpless, I'm so grateful to those people who are stepping up, reaching out, and using their own resources to help make a difference - and help all the rest of us contribute, too.

Case in point: Hana Salon & Misikko. With every Hana hair styling tool purchased from Misikko between January 20th and February 3rd, Hana's CEO will include in the order a blank check for $25 & a stamped envelope. Hana Salon was moved to help its customers make donations to the charity of their choice because of the urgent, immediate need in Haiti.

Obviously, they hope their customers will choose to send their $25 to one of the many charities working to relieve the people of Haiti. But they put no limitations on where the $25 goes - if you order a Hana product, you really will receive a blank $25 check. Send it to a local charity. Give it to someone in your neighborhood who's fallen on hard times. Do good in the world around you.

My friends at Misikko, whom I've written about pretty extensively, brought this very special offer to my attention. You can feel confident in ordering Hana flat irons from Misikko; they're a company that I personally recommend because of their reliable customer service and fantastic prices on premiere styling tools. I use a Hana flat iron almost every day and can vouch for the quality and durability of this product.

So if you've been on the fence about upgrading your flat iron, now is the time to do it. Support two companies that' are supporting the world around us. In the face of loss and devastation, it's important for all of us to work together to put the pieces back together.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Treats

There's something about Valentine's Day - the cheesiest, Hallmark-iest of holidays - that I dearly love. Even all those years when I bought Valentines for myself (since no one else was doing it), I still loved the holiday. The paper hearts, over-priced boxed of candy, goofy rhyming cards, wearing red or pink or both, and of course...a matching bra and panty set. If on no other day in the year, then do it on Valentine's Day. Especially if the only person who's going to see it is you.

Here's my must-list for making Valentine's Day special - for yourself, for a partner, whomever.

Show your love all crafty-like with this Vintage Card Kit from Kate's Paperie.

One of my best V-day memories with the husband was when we only had enough money to buy 2 boxes of chocolates (on clearance at Target) for me, one for him. We stayed home, watched movies and ate chocolate until we were sick. It was great. Now that we have a little more $, I'm splurging on a pound of the good stuff from Harry & David.

Pama Pomegranate Liquer is so yummy. And festive. Goes great with champagne, club soda, or just ice (if that's how you roll).

Casual or glam, whatever your style you'll find a cute matching bra and panties set in Lane Bryant's Cacique line of underwear. LB was kind enough to let me pick out a set, and I went for casual*. Am happy to report that the hipster panties are cute and comfortable. Be aware that they are a little "cheeky," if you know what I mean.

Oh, and Cacique's bras are also all buy 1 get one 50% off; it's a good time to stock up. (Don't act like you don't have a couple ratty bras still in your rotation. Lord knows I do.)

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Spa Week's National Wellness Give-Away

I'm counting down the days until Spa Week - April 12 through the 18th. (Sigh) The treatments...oh the spa treatments. At disproportionately affordable prices, for one fabulous week. By disproportionately affordable, I mean $50. Participating spas will choose a few of their favorite treatments (massages, facials, etc) and offer them for just $50.

In order to build (even more) excitement for this tranquil event, the people behind Spa Week have recruited 28 spas in 28 cities to give away free spa packages. It's called the National Wellness Give-Away and features some really amazing spa packages. For all my fellow Twin Cities Bombshells, Zhen Reflections Spa & Salon is giving away:

* 60 Min Deep Tissue Massage
* 60 Min KS Anti-Aging Facial
* Harmony Pedicure & Manicure
* Kate Somerville Glow Kit, which features the line's best sellers (Deep Tissue Repair, ExfoliKate and Quench)

I want that. Don't you want that? Click here to view the list of participating spas and to enter the give-away.

If you've never been to a spa, or had a bad experience that's left you nervous about going back, check out my post on how to address plus-size specific concerns in the spa setting.

Beauty Moment - Easy on the Eyes Kit

Too Faced's Easy on the Eyes kit is the perfect little treat. It's only $10 at Ulta and includes a mini Lash Injection mascara, a mini Shadow Insurance, and a cute little zip top bag that holds far more than one might expect (mine is currently holding a bottle of eye drops, a NARS lip gloss, lip balm, a lip liner and a second mini lipgloss. Not bad!). It caught my eye because I've been meaning to try Shadow Insurance but wasn't sure I wanted to plunk out $17 for a product I didn't know would be amazing. This kit seemed like the perfect way to give it a try, with the bonus of a travel-size mascara.

For the record, Shadow Insurance absolutely blew me away. I've been happy with a couple other eyeshadow primers over the years but I had no idea what I was missing. This product goes on light and silky; you don't feel it on your lid. And my shadow doesn't budge. Seriously. I've slept in my eye makeup- still there in the morning. Become incredibly sweaty at the gym, to the point that all the rest of my makeup is gone. But the shadow is still there. If you like a smokey eye- this primer is a must.

The Lash Injection mascara is pretty nice, too. I don't think I'll buy a full-size version, but I'm happy to have the mini to toss in my purse. I'm really happy with this little set. Not sure how long they'll be available, and I bought mine a couple weeks ago. So it might be a good idea to pick one up sooner, rather than later.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Blue Fever

I've never experienced such an early on-set of spring fever. Usually, symptoms don't set in know...spring is close. Yeah. I know, it's not. The color blue is perking me up, though. It's crisp and clean and is a nice change of pace from the usual black/brown/gray color palette that stares back at me from the inside of my closet. I need more blue.

Alloy's navy blue extended tab trousers would wear well, year-round. Cute with pointy heels now and strappy sandals later, I like the fact that the three button waistband is a cute detail that isn't so bulky (like some extended tab waistbands can be) as to create weird lumps when paired with a longer top. The pants are available up to size 25, which in Alloy speak is a size 22/24. Be sure to compare your measurements to their sizing chart.

Oh Michael Kors - so many reasons to love you. Your no-nonsense, biting wit on Project Runway. The classic, yet fresh touches that are your clothing line's calling card. Your plus size line isn't going to set the fashion world on fire, but it makes me happy. Especially pieces like this cobalt blue boyfriend cardigan, and painted croc shirt.

Date night with my husband could use this square neck dress from Calvin Klein. Available up to size 24.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Requisite Golden Globes Recap

The Internet needs another Golden Globes recap as much as Heidi Montag needs more plastic surgery, but if you can't beat them join them. Unless you really are Heidi Montag, in which case - stop. Just. Stop. Here are my two cents, with an eye towards all things Bombshell:

Mo'nique won the award for Best Actress in a Drama, and truly seemed blown away by the whole thing. She looked very understated in a Grecian-inspired, drapey strapless gown. I wish she'd accessorized more; her very bare neckline was begging for a diamond or two. The yellow gold tone of the dress looked great next to the Golden Globe statuette. Mo'nique's makeup was also pretty subdued, which I liked - she had a really pretty glow on her cheeks that looked sort of NARS Orgasm-ish.

The lovely Gabby Sidibe rocked my absolute favorite color: emerald green. It set her skin tone off beautifully! Her chiffon, surplice bodice gown was accented with a jeweled waist. And I love the necklace! That's what I was hoping to see on Mo'nique. Gabby's so pretty, and her smile lit up the room. Seriously, every time the camera cut to her she just looked radiant.

My absolute favorite look on the red carpet was Glee's Jayma Mays. While not a plus-size Bombshell, her unique style makes her a Bombshell in spirit. Also? I think she seems like a fun girl, someone I'd like to grab coffee with. A lot of fashion critics panned Jayma's swirly, architectural black and white dress but I love it. And I love the fact that she's not wearing false eyelashes up to her eyebrows and super dramatic liner. She looks fresh and pretty.

I also liked Fergie's ethereal lilac dress, Kristen Bell's kicky white cocktail dress (which she said she chose because she needed to be able to move fast!), and Lea Michelle's dramatic gown, which many people thought made her look too old but I completely understand why she chose it.

Whose look did you love?

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I have absolutely no reason to wear this dress, but God I wish I did. Anyone want to invite me to a swank event? I clean up real nice:

JS Collections One Shoulder Mesh & Jersey Gown, available at Nordstrom.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Beauty Moment - Sigma Makeup & Brushes

Sigma is a beauty brand that pops up over and over on the Youtube makeup videos that I'm suddenly addicted to watching. I've not had the chance to use any of their products but according to those who have, Sigma's quality is on par with MAC. In fact, Sigma has made a name for itself by making lower priced "dupes" of Mac's professional brushes - the bristles are soft and evenly distribute product.

I love this travel kit in "Nice" (because the handles are pink. The same kit in "Naughty" has black handles.):

For just $49, the set includes a brush case, domed powder brush, a duo-fiber brush great for applying liquid foundation, an angled blush brush, a concealer brush, a pencil brush, tapered blending brush, and an eye shading brush.

Sigma's makeup collection can be purchased in 4 mini kits (a smokey eye kit, a neutral eye kit, a collection of "fun colors", a blush & highlight kit) or one gorgeous set called the complete kit. The complete kit is comprised of (you guessed it) the complete collection of 4 mini kits. The complete kit would stock your makeup bag for life. Which would be awesome.

Look at how cute the makeup pans are - it's a silly thing, but I love the bubble pattern on the powders. It's the little details, you know?

Brown Eyed Girl shadow, available in the neutral shades kit.

Has anyone ever used any Sigma products? What did you think?

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh NO they didn't...

are the horrified words that flew out of mouth when this image filled my computer screen this afternoon:

Really, Lane Bryant? REALLY? And with a price tag of $79.50? You should pay me to wear that. And even then? I wouldn't.

Ok. Calming down. Focusing on the positive...

This is better. Focus on "better." This is an outfit that doesn't make me feel violent.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seberg's Stripes

During my senior year of college, short on elective credits, I signed up for a film studies class. It was here that I saw Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless, a film of the French New Wave movement. I can't tell you a thing about the movement itself, or why Breathless was revered as revolutionary upon its release in 1960 (something about the editing? Jump cuts? I don't know).

I can, however, describe to you in detail every outfit worn by the movie's American star, Jean Seberg. She played Patricia, an American 20-something year old woman living in Paris. She exemplified everything I'm not: pert, petite, blond and carelessly chic.

I seriously considered a pixie cut just like that for about 42 seconds, desperately wishing (like only a 20-year old can) that a simple haircut would suddenly transform me into my new, idealized version of beautiful. Thankfully, I got a grip on myself before picking up a pair of scissors. Pert, blond, pixie I cannot do. But Seberg-inspired stripes, I can!

The crisp nautical stripe look is not an original one. It's classic for a reason - when you get it right, it looks effortless and just "right." But what fun is a classic without a Bombshell twist? Therefore, here's my plus size take on the navy/white striped boatneck tee, cigarette pants (as skinnies were called back then) and flats:

As you get dressed this week, check your closet to see if you have one piece (a top, a scarf, a pair of earrings) that inspires an entire outfit the way Jean Seberg's stripes did for me. It's a fun way to mix things up.

Outfit details: Black/white ruffle v-neck tank from Dorothy Perkins, red scoop neck cardigan from Torrid, dark wash skinny jean from Old Navy, Donald J. Pliner "Boli" flat from Nordstrom.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

While browsing Torrid's new arrivals, I kept coming back to their Eyelash Ruffle Skirt. It's a great piece, one that is attention-getting for all the right reasons: it's unique, flattering, and a great combination of girly/rock chic. The ruffles add an interesting texture without getting bulking. See?

In fuschia.

In taupe.

In ivory.

I love, too, how each color really shows its own personality. Fuschia would be great for a party - top it with a simple black tank, ankle booties and boatloads of jewlery. Taupe is office-perfect when paired with a neutral tee shirt/blazer combo and heels. And ivory would be a really fun option this spring/summer - I can just see it with sandals and a crisp dark denim jacket.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

3 Favorites & 1 Regret

I watch a lot of makeup review/how-to videos on Youtube, and one of my favorite features that many reviewers put up is a variation on "X number of products I love, and X number of products that I regret having spent hard-earned money." I've always like the good old 3:1 ratio - so, here we go. Three products I absolutely love:

St. Ives Whipped Silk body lotion is great on so many levels - it hydrates the skin really nicely, smells fresh & clean, it's incredibly cheap - less than $5 for a a generous bottle. But the biggest reason I keep this lotion on my bedside table is that the light whipped texture sinks into dry skin and absorbs very quickly. I usually slather myself in a really thick lotion right after I get out of the shower because thick lotions usually react better with damp skin. But when my skin needs a little pick-me-up right before bed, this lotion is what I reach for.

Right before Christmas, I ordered a gift set for myself (what? nothing wrong with gifting yourself at the holidays) from Stila. Included in the set was the Eye Shadow Trio in Bronze. Initially, I was afraid the shadows were too sparkly for day and that it would be relegated to "going out" makeup only. But what I initially perceived as sparkle in the pot is actually a nice gleam on the skin. I use some combination of these shadows almost every day. And the fact that they're contained in one portable little container means I can toss it into my purse for touch ups after the gym. Definitely a great buy.

My third favorite product right now is one that was sent to me by Nick Chavez - it's his Flocker for wet or dry hair. I received this quite some time ago, liked it and reviewed it. I didn't realize how much I liked this product until the can started to feel a bit light. I rarely run out of product because I'm always rotating them around. But I've been using Nick Chavez's Flocker almost daily. It worked great during warmer months because it tamped down on frizz and defined the layers cut into my hair. And now during the dry, staticky months of winter it adds volume and texture to my hair. It's also wonderful at reviving two-or three-day old hair styles.

And now for my regret - Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat. I usually use Essie's Ridge Filler, but thought I would try something new. What a mistake. This Seche Vite product applied terribly- it was so streaky! I had to apply three coats of the base in order to get a smooth application of color polish over it. Sure, my nail ridges were filled but I'm pretty sure that any old base coat could do the same with three layers. And the real kicker? My polish chipped two days later. Like, seriously chipped. I was not happy. So, that was $9 down the tube. Oh well. Back to Essie.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cue the Marching Band

At least year's Super Bowl, Jennifer Hudson sang the National Anthem in an amazing outfit, the focus of which was a tulle-trimmed cutaway military jacket. Remember this?

I've obsessed over this jacket, trying to figure out what makes it so appealing to me. It's a little flashy in a "Music Man" kind of way, but at the same time so spot on and adorable. The style has cropped up on hipster girls and Hollywood starlets like Emma Roberts and Jessica Szohr - and every time I see it I am a little envious. And then this morning, I was clicking around Faith 21's web site and...

Yessss! The Military Marching Jacket, for just $37.80 is so mine. I'll wear it over a basic tee and jeans, like J-Hud, and will pair it with girlier pieces (flouncy skirts, dresses, etc) for an interesting, layered tough-girl look. So excited!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preview- V Magazine's Plus Size Spread

V magazine is hitting the newsstands on January 14th featuring a spread called Curves Ahead, photographed by Solve Sundsbo. Check out a few of the images that will be part of the feature:

I think they're beautiful - and I love that these plus size models are essentially swapping into photo concepts that would normally be fronted by a typical model. So often plus size models are strangely styled or are shot nude (which this spread does include, too); I'd much rather see a plus size model rocking a really amazing outfit, like any other fashion model.

Another article in this issue addresses the claim by many designers that their garments don't look good on plus size models - which is why they aren't booked for fashion layouts or runway shows. Going head-to- head, wearing the same outfit and posing similarly, straight size model Jacquelyn Jablonski and Bombshell Crystal Renn let us make a direct comparison.

What do you think? Visually, I find the shot of Crystal to be more exciting because every other photo in major magazines is of angular models jutting their boney knees out. It's just not as fresh as a couple of juicy thighs.

Photo credit: and V Magazine ,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bombshell's Guide to Choosing Glasses

According to my insurance plan and my optometrist, it's time for me to get a new pair of glasses. Some of the most iconic women in fashion have worn glasses proudly, flipping the notion right on its head that beautiful people don't have poor eyesight. Grace Kelly looks even icier in her frames, don't you think? Like she's just daring you say one word about them.

I love the whole smart/sexy look that can be achieved with a great pair of glasses. But thanks to a nifty astigmatism, I wear contact lenses 97% of the time. Doesn't mean I'm not going to try on every pair at the optometrist's office twice before making a decision. Then second-guessing it as soon as the order is placed. To feel more prepared, I've been scouring the Internet for tips on choosing the right style of frames to compliment my face shape. Style Makeover HQ had a few that I'd never heard before:

To minimize a large nose choose a wider, low set bridge

To make a square or round face appear longer make sure the frames are as wide as the face and choose frames that are narrower than they are wide

To make an oblong or rectangle face appear shorter choose frames that have depth to them. Wider arms also reduce the perceived length of a face

To make close-set eyes appear further apart choose glasses where the bridge is not emphasized, for example the bridge is thin or in a light color

To minimize bags under the eyes, choose frames that hug the lower rim of your eye.

Another thing to consider is that glasses should compliment the overall size of your body. Just as plus size women can pull off larger purses and more substantial jewelry, I think glasses follow the same rule of thumb. I, personally, look terrible in dainty, wire-rimmed or rimless frames because they just get lost on my face; my full cheeks demand a wide frame in a dark color.

I spent way too much time last night messing around on Lens Crafters' web site, utilizing their "What's Your Face Shape" tool. It helped me pin-point my exact face shape (even allowing me to upload a photo for a perfect match), gave a few pointers on finding the right fit, then recommended lots of different frames. Here are a few my favorites, by face type:

Oval -

Versace - VE 3080


Adrienne Vittadini - AV7023

Round -

DKNY- DY4521

Heart-shaped -

Anne Klein - AK8021

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