Monday, December 27, 2010

Everyday Bombshell

There's been so much fun and festivity packed into the past several weeks! I wore this outfit to one of the last parties scheduled for the season:

The "ta-da!" element of the outfit is the lime green scarf shot through with silver tinsel. It was a gift from a good friend, so it carries the combined joy of looking cute and reminding me of friendship. Here's a closer look:

And, just for fun, here's an outtake shot in which I accidentally captured Dan (being silly) in the background.

The Outfit:
Green scarf - gift from Beth (thanks!)
Striped shirt- Apt 9, from Kohl's
Gray denim skirt - Gap
Black ruched leggings - Lane Bryant
Suede boots - Payless
Silver bangles - Karma


  1. Looking good as usual. Love the pop of brightness with the outfit. Say hi to Dan!

  2. Love the shirt, skirt and ... the whole outfit! You look fabulous! :)

  3. Almost forgot! I just love the scarf too! :)

  4. Hello :)
    I like Your smile :)
    I thing You are everything else but not a plus size :)
    How could You thing about Yourselfo in such a way? :)

  5. Thanks you guys! It feels good to get some pictures back up on the blog. :)


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