Friday, December 10, 2010

Bombshell Beauty Featured on Madison Plus

I'm really excited to have worked with the wonderful Aimee Cheshire on a feature for her plus size style site, Madison Plus. Aimee and her team are on the forefront of all the moving and shaking that goes on in the fashion industry, and they do a great job of making it relevant to plus size women.

From the latest news on our favorite plus size brands & to tips on how to wear the latest trends; to insider interviews with plus size models, bloggers and other stylish women - Madison Plus is a really fun resource for all things plus size. Check out my feature here!


  1. Great interview!! Very cool to learn more about other bloggers! And I LOVE Madison Plus! How neat!! :)

  2. Great article & as usual you look amzing. Could you get any more chic than in that stoll! LUTP Mom
    P.S. I want my skirt back!


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