Sunday, December 12, 2010

24 Gifts of Christmas

My brother Eric is one of the most important people in my life. All right, I'm lucky enough to have quite a few people in my life who fall into that category...but Eric has been with me since the beginning. Literally. He's smart and funny, and ridiculously handsome, is a great father and husband. He built me and Dan a gorgeous coffee table as a wedding gift. Just an all around great guy.

For as much of a guy as my brother is, he's a tea drinker. Which I find incredibly endearing and adorable. I like to picture my 6'4", strapping brother drinking tea out of dainty china cups. Which is so not the case, outside of my imagination. He drinks his tea out of regular mugs or in a glass over ice. So today, I'm giving Eric two of my favorite tea thingys:

The Teaforte brewing pitcher creates perfect iced tea, thanks to the top hot-brew section and the flash-chill pitcher beneath. And Aveda's comforting tea blend? It's spicy with just a hint of sweet, mellow but there's definitely something there.


  1. I love that tea and keep it at home and work... just in case. :) Thanks for reminding me. That will be the perfect start to a Monday!

  2. Very cool! The pitcher sounds very handy! And I love the picture you painted of your brother drinking tea out of dainty cups too! :)

  3. Thanks for the gift, Sara! I think instant ice tea makers are BRILLIANT. And much less expensive than bottled tea from 7-11. Plus if you make it yourself you can drink it from whatever vessel you choose. Wink wink.


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