Friday, December 10, 2010

24 Gifts of Christmas

What's more comforting than a beautifully scented candle glowing in the center of a table, or on a bathroom vanity, or on a dresser in the bedroom? I consider candles an absolute necessity in life, and I love to give them as gifts. The Year of Wishes candle set from Red Envelope is one of the most fun, thoughtful presentations of candles that I've ever come across.

Each candle in the set contains a charm with inspirational words like Fun, Adventure, Balance, and Joy. It also comes with a clear glass tray and a pair of tweezers so the charm can be retrieved. This is the perfect gift for me to give my sister-in-law, Leslie, as she starts off the new year ahead with big changes in her life.

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  1. Very cool! And the charm is such a neat twist too! :)


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