Thursday, December 9, 2010

24 Gifts of Christmas

My friend Stephanie is one of my favorite partners in crime - whether we're shopping together, all dressed up to hit a fashion show, or lounging on the couch in our glasses and sweatpants, we always have a great time. I met Stephanie 12 years ago, as a college freshman, when we were both folding and stocking the denim wall at our local Lane Bryant. Maybe that's why I've always considered her a denim expert. Stephanie can speak at length about almost every pair of jeans she's ever owned.

So it's no surprise that she was one of the first to try the new DKNY collection of denim at Lane Bryant - and she loves it! So I'm giving her another pair for her collection:

This is the Indigo Overdye Bootcut Jean. It features all the great little details that Stephanie loves, in addition to the perfect DKNY fit and cotton blend of stretch + structure.


  1. Awww. Thanks so much Sara! I do love these jeans. I might already own 3 pairs, so I would be happy to have another :)

  2. Yay! I also worked at Lane Bryant! I was there for 3 years (2004-07) and eventually became a key holder. It's definitely how I got my start in fashion, and the love of clothes in general. Can I just say that I'm pretty sure that I was paying to work there, considering how much I purchased with that discount?!?! Haha...

    Surely Sonsy

  3. Those jeans sound awesome and look super cute! Glad to know about them! :)

  4. That's funny, Jessica - the last day I worked there, I wrote THEM a check for $700 to pay off my credit card bill. :)


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