Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Everyday Bombshell

I've picked up a few new pieces of clothing over the past week, so you'll be seeing some new blood infused into my everyday outfits. The first one is this dress from Ann Taylor Loft:

Now, here's the thing about ATL. Their sizing is absurd. In most stores, I wear something in the ballpark of 16/18-ish. I took an armload of things into the dressing room at Loft, all marked 16 or 18 or XL...and none of it fit. I was so frustrated (especially since there was a huge sale going on that I was hoping to take advantage of!).

This pink watercolor dress was lumped in with the other size 16 dresses, so I grabbed it. Tried it on. Fit perfectly! And then I noticed the size...12. Uhm, what?

Lesson learned, Bombshells: don't discount an article of clothing just because it's not your usual size. And on the flip side, don't expect something is going to fit just because it's marked your usual size. If something doesn't fit, it's not you. It's the clothing!

The Outfit:
Pink Watercolor dress - Ann Taylor Loft
Black cardigan blazer - Old Navy
Tights - Merona, from Target
Mary Jane Heels - Payless
Crystal necklace - gift from my friend, Ann


  1. Love the dress and its color! The outfit looks great on you! Thanks for the reminder about sizes -- I've experienced that more than a few times! Dress sizes mean different things to different makers. So frustrating! I've also noticed that about shoes. Recently I tried on a pair of ballet flats on size smaller than I usually wear and they fit perfectly. It was a cute pair that I loved but they didn't have them in my normal size. If I didn't try them on I would never have known.

  2. I really like the pink print.

    I always try on a range of sizes at LOFT, since I never know what will fit.

  3. ATL's sizing can be way off sometimes. I actually also just got this dress. I am typically a 10/12 and I tried it in a 2 and it fit although a little better in a 4. I don't think I've ever worn a size 4 before!

  4. You're right. I've just done away with paying attention to sizes. I look for an 8 or 10, but will have to take a 12 sometimes. What a cute color on you! ~Serene

  5. Sally at Already Pretty had a great article about the sizing in stores ... love the colours of your outfit.

  6. Love this, and I wore this exact dress and a black sweater last week! I wear 16/18 at Loft too and get frustrated when I take the biggest size and it doesn't even fit. I have to be extra careful with it and always buy online b/c the 3 Loft stores I shop at never carry larger than a size 12! :(

    You look fab!

  7. Such a good point! I have recently been very surprised at the different sizes I wear in different stores. I'm so happy you found this, it's a total bummer when there is a sale and nothing fits. It looks excellent on you!

  8. That dress is just wonderful!! I love the print! Super cute outfit! And that necklace is very nice too! Hah, now I really want to go find out what my size would be at ATL!! And I'm 100% with you about fit! Its the clothes that have the problem, not the person! :)


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