Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Bombshell...

Hi Sara-
I read a lot of blogs about fashion and personal style because I’d like to learn how to define mine. In your video on Inside Curve, you said your style is feminine with a twist. How did you figure that out?I know what I like to wear but I never really know how to describe it. And without knowing how to describe it, how do I know that I’m actually rocking a real style and not just what I think is style? Does that make any sense???

- Crystin J.

Dear Crystin -
Yep, I understand exactly what you’re getting at. However, I’m not sure you’re going to like my response! It sounds like you might be over- thinking this question of “What is my personal style?”

First and foremost, I don’t think you need to sum up your sense of style in an easy one-liner. I'll admit that I was put on the spot in the Inside Curve interview and just said the first thing I could think of! Granted, it's pretty accurate, but most women’s look isn’t as absolute as saying, ‘I’m boho chic!” Yes, a certain genre of style might appeal to you most of the time. But your style shouldn’t define you - if anything, your unique personality should define your style.

I do think there is value in understanding what kinds of clothes appeal to you and compliment the life you lead. Rather than looking for resources to help you pigeon-hole your personal style, look at blogs and magazines and other pop culture references for general inspiration. Do you identify with Audrey Hepburn’s classically minimalist style, but yearn for a little Pat Benatar rock-n-roll too? Use those two yin and yangs to pair a classic sheath dress and ballet flats with a too-cool leather jacket. That’s when your true personal style will shine!

Here are two examples that illustrate my point. The first outfit combines elements of "girly" and "preppy" - the ruffled dress plays nicely off the heeled Oxford shoes:

The second look combines elements of "luxe" (check out that fur!) with a "tough girl chic" aesthetic:

Have fun mixing up your looks and trust that if your clothes are an accurate reflection of you, the style will fall into place!
- Sara

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