Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beauty Stash- Gift Baskets

I have a soft spot for Martha Stewart. I'm not good at crafting and I'm not even close to a perfectionist, but there's something incredibly appealing to me about all things Martha. I caught her on Oprah last week and it was a great episode. I mean come on - Oprah actually asked Martha, "Did you get my letters in prison?"

Martha presented Oprah with an amazing gift basket packed full of home made jams and Mario Badescu products. Here's a snippet of that segment, in case you missed it:

Isn't that a gorgeous presentation? Who wouldn't want to receive something like that? I love giving gift baskets because they have such an, "Ooooh-ahhhh" factor that's fun for the recipient (and the gift giver!).

With that in mind, I came up three different beauty-product packed gift baskets I'd like to give. I like to use tin pails instead of wicker baskets - I think it's a nice, modern twist on the traditional basket.

For Mom-

My mom likes her beauty rituals to be quick and fuss-free. So the products I picked for her all multi-task and pack a lot of punch without a lot of effort:

For My BFF:

My best friend works like crazy and has a super-busy life. Taking time out for herself to recharge is essential. So I picked products that are as luxurious as they are fun to use:

For a Hostess
It's a really nice gesture to show your appreciation for a hostess's effort in pulling together a party by bringing a gift meant just for her, once all the guests are gone. I chose a collection of neutral beauty products that will make a fun treat for most any hostess:


  1. I <3 Mario Badescu products. Especially his drying lotion, it's pretty much a miracle in a bottle anytime I break out.

  2. I'm always in search of mascara. Do you recommend the MAJOR Major Lash Mascara?


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