Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What to Wear - Alumni Homecoming Parade

This weekend is my alma mater's Homecoming game and parade. I went to the University of Minnesota and, while I never attended a single football game as an undergrad, all of my friends are Golden Gophers who make a fun day of watching the Homecoming game and carousing on campus. A big part of this ritual is decking ourselves out in our school colors - maroon and gold - before gathering on University Avenue to watch the Homecoming parade and surrepticiously sip screwdrivers out of an OJ bottle.

Because I'm not a true fan and only show up once a year to root for the team, I've never made a point of buying any Gopher gear- no T-shirts or sweatshirts, knitted hats or scarves hang in my closet. So I've become a pro at creating festive, spirit-fingers worthy outfits that incorporate our school colors with clothes I already own or pieces I've purchased and can wear the other 364 days of the year. Here's my approach to dressing for Homecoming-

Most of the time, I usually wear dark jeans because they're dressier than a lighter wash. But a light wash is the perfect choice for casual events like this:

A striped tee, contrast scarf and black Converse All Star sneakers are all super casual, easy pieces that combine to create a really cute outfit.

A plaid button down is a little nicer than its tee shirt alternative. Keep it from straying into "too serious" territory by looping on a contrast-pattern scarf, the same black Converse shoes and a simple ponytail.


  1. LOVE IT! Can you work me up a green and white version??? Very tired of the good ol' Bearcat stuff...ready to snazz it up a bit!!!

  2. You need to be an SEC football fan. We DRESS for games and tailgating. Every girl needs a nice black top or sundress (super hot here until October) or cute garnet tops or dresses. I usually do a black top with a black and garnet necklace. Some girls wear heels, but not me- just cute black shoes. Go Gamecocks!

  3. Traci- a friend of mine learned that the hard way when she moved to Georgia for school! She showed up in khakis and a tee shirt for the first game, and never made that mistake again. I like to DRESS for most things...but sitting on bleachers is not one of them. :)

  4. I love the idea of dressing casually for a game without the need for a t-shirt. I think I'll do this at the next college game I attend. :)

  5. You never went to a football game as an undergrad? Wha-wha-what??!! Game days were the best!

    Very cute gear you pulled together for homecoming though!

  6. I really love this outfit! It has just enough of a mix of fashionista but still football fan!

  7. Wow! Dress and heels at a football game! You don't see that around here! But if it's hot, I'm sure the dress is welcome. I don't go to football games much, but when I did, at this time of year, it's too cool usually for anything but pants.
    I love those clothing styles, Sara. Especially the cute shoes. :)

  8. It's a southern thing, y'all :-). I leave the heels to the sorority girls, but you just don't see people in t shirts much, except for those who may have a little too much pink on the back of their neck :-). BTW, it is not uncommon for guys to wear at least a nice team polo and slacks- the frat guys are in jackets and ties! It is an event!

  9. I love all these ideas! I'm a current Gopher and although I have my fair share of Minnesota tees & sweatshirts, I always like to dress a little bit above the average spirit wear. Thanks! :)

  10. These are fabulous outfit ideas but I have to say the second one with the plaid tunic and cozy yellow scarf is absolutely GENIUS.


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