Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Secret Weapon for Best Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills


  1. Every time I am at Sephora I look at the Anastasia Kit and think I should buy it but I leave with a new mascara or lipgloss instead. I just ordered it online and I am so excited. I have light brown hair but blond sparse eyebrows...hopefully this will create the full brow I am looking for :)

  2. I LOVE anastasia brow stuff. I just use the brow shadow, but it makes a HUGE difference on my light brows.

  3. Great video, Sara! I loved all the good info - I've never used a stencil before and I've been looking for brow scissors, so I am super excited about your tip of embroidery scissors.

    Bonus - getting to hear your voice again!

  4. I'm amazed at easy the stencils are to use, La Grande Dame. Hopefully you have the same great experience!

    Agreed, Jessica- the brow stuff is amazing. Mine are naturally a weird shape and these products make them look nice and normal. :)

    Tina! We'll have to play makeup in February. :)


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