Monday, September 27, 2010

Date Night

This weekend, Dan and I attended a screening party to celebrate a short film one of our friends made. As we were getting ready, Dan was really proud of the fact that he'd matched his shoelaces to his belt...both a bright yellow. Since he was clearly in fashion mode, I told him he was about to be featured on my blog:

Then he gave me some pointers on how to pose for these outfit shots (instead of my old standby of "hand on the hip and smile.")

I guess out of the two of us, Dan's the more natural supermodel.

Sara's Outfit:

Black cardigan - Gap
Green and white tee- Old Navy
Gray denim skirt- Gap
Black leggings - Lane Bryant
Ruched boots- Payless
Pinecone necklace- Grandma Ruth's
Gold bangle- Lia Sophia

Dan's Outfit:
Gray tee (underneath) - Gap Outlet
Blue plaid button down- Gap
Gray jeans- DKNY
Blue Converse All Stars (with custom yellow laces) -
Sports watch - Adidas


  1. That's really cute, I think my boyfriend would laugh in my face if I told him that I wanted to feature his style!

  2. Love this!! Dave has been on FFUF a few times, but doesn't have a fraction of Dan's modeling mojo.

    You both look great and I love the pattern play you two have going on with plaid and stripes (also good to see Dan back in two shoes vs. the bootie!)

  3. You guys look great! Dan does have a modeling flair, I see! =)

  4. You two are quite the stylish pair! love it!


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