Monday, September 13, 2010

Boots and Flare

I've found the change of seasons to be so invigorating, lately. Whether I really knew it or not, my summer style had begun to feel stale. But now that layering is more appropriate, I feel inspired to come up with lots of fun new looks. I'm even challenging myself to work a few new things into my style - pieces that I've admired on other women but didn't think I could pull off. For instance - flare:

I found this pin (which also doubles as a hair clip- fun!) in a cute little mall boutique. It combines several different textures: silk, tulle, and feathers. I like the way it punches up my blazer, and can see it pinned to a belt to accent my waist too.

I love the look of jeans tucked into boots, so was excited to pair my skinny jeans (a must-have for this combo) with a pair of ruched suede boots.

The clothes:
Red rose pin- Lulu Rose
Green & white tee- Old Navy
Black blazer- Lane Bryant
Jeans - Torrid
Boots- Payless


  1. I own those boots...and I just unpacked them from summer storage on Saturday. Can't wait to start wearing them again, too!!

  2. I'm not one for the skinny jeans but I do love how it's put together on you. I agree with the pin too, I purchased two this summer (a white rose and a red I don't know what it is LOL but it looks nice).

  3. Hi Sara,

    I've nominated you for a blog award! See the details at my blog:

  4. i totally agree with you about summer fashion staleness. i cannot wait for fall colors and layers! i just put together an outfit - recently purchased at LOFT - i'm dying to wear:

    you rock the skinny jeans. i've just recently got into them myself. every time i wear them (with boots or maybe a stylish wedge) i get more and more confident. it's really a great look and i'm so glad that more plus sized girls are rockin' the look too.


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