Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beauty Moment- Mark Makeover

My beauty routine has been incredibly blahhh lately. I wanted to inject it with some fun without spending a lot of money on new products, so I ordered a few new things from mark. I bought the On the Dot eye color compact, packed with nine dime-sized shadows in trendy colors like gold, sapphire, jade and plum.

I also picked up a Gloss Gorgeous in Bare and two complexion products: Primed for Perfection & a hookup concealer called Good Riddance in Fair/Light.

Here's the look I created this morning:

How To:
Sweep the bone-colored shadow (top left corner) right along brow bone.

Dust the toffee shade (top row center) over entire lid, up to brow bone.

Place the gold shadow (top right corner) on lower lid, from the inner corner to center of lid.

Press the moss color (middle right) from center of lid to outer corner.

I used my Smashbox Jet Set gel liner and two coats of Scandalash mascara to create a flirty cat-eye.

A light dusting of Stila Bronzer along my temples, nose and chin warmed up my complexion without the impact of my usual pink blush.

I didn't want a strong lip that would compete with my dramatic eyes; the Bare shade of Gloss Gorgeous is a pinky neutral that almost perfectly matches my natural lip color- perfect to top off this look.

The gloss feels really nice, and has a minty taste to it. It's a gloss/stain hybrid - goes on glossy then leaves a stain of color as the gloss wears off. This shade is so subtle that I didn't notice any remaining color once the gloss was gone. But I really like it. I'll definitely be ordering more of them.

This makeup is exactly what I needed to feel sufficiently rejuvenated and enthusiastic about putting on makeup every morning. What are you using right now that you're really enthused about?


  1. I am a devoted Bare Escentuals girl. Just putting on the foundation every day and seeing the transformation of my skin floors me every time.

    I'm a sucker for their eyeshadow sets, their Buxom Lips gloss (fitting, no? ) - gosh, everything. I could go on, but maybe i'll save that for one of my own posts! =)

    As I teeter further over 30, I've begun investing in eye creams and other skin products. I currently love Bliss All-Around Eye Cream - GREAT for dark circles - and Bliss Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask - really does bring back a fantastic glow to skin.

  2. Bliss Triple Oxygen is one of my favorites! The all-over face tingle always makes me laugh, and the after-glow is unbelievable. :)

  3. It really made your face glow! You have such pretty eyes to start with! I like the gloss that leaves color when the gloss wears off. It's just the opposite for some glosses I've used. Also, while I like when they have a flavor like mint, sometimes flavorings actually bother my lips.


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