Thursday, August 26, 2010

NONTOXIQUE Green Carpet Event

Last night, Dan and I were guests at a really fun event celebrating a combination of so many of my favorite things: NONTOXIQUE's eco-luxury skincare for hands and feet, fashion, supporting businesses owned by women, and wine. And chocolate.

Sheila Mossberg, CEO of NONTOXIQUE was invited to participate in LA and New York Fashion Weeks by celebrity manicurist Melissa Bozant. NONTOXIQUE products will be used on models in at least two shows, so far: Charlotte Ronson and Tadashi Shoji.

Melissa is a really down-to-earth, laid backl woman who seems completely unfazed by the all the celebrities she rubs elbows (or cuticles...) with including Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, Jessica Simpson and my own personal girl crush, Mandy Moore. She's really passionate about sharing her success with other women who are building their businesses from the ground up, like Sheila. And both of them are committed to spreading awareness within the beauty community about the availability of green products that are effective and luxurious.

So what better way to celebrate Sheila's success than to throw a big party? It was held at the brand new showroom of BMW Minnetonka - which may seem entirely random for a fashion party but was in fact very cool. The 3-level wide open space was framed by windows on three sides, creating an airy, almost outdoor feel to the event. We mixed and mingled around some really gorgeous cars, ooohing and aaahing over the vendor tables set up by businesses featured in CRAVE Minneapolis, a guidebook to local businesses owned by women.

My favorite table was by a brand of panties called Irely - they're super soft undies that feature a little pocket in the back. You can stash an ID and some cash in your own little secret spot! The panties go up to size 18. Dan's favorite table was piled high with Style by Max's unbelievable chocolates. We both kept casually cruising by and snagging sea salt chocolate covered caramels. So good!

After all the meeting, greeting and eating we took our places for a fashion show featuring clothes from local boutiques including il Vostro Boutique, OPM, Bumber Shute, Max’s, and Urban Junket. We saw lots of military-inspired details (army green jackets & epaulets), body concious dresses (in everything from soft knits to drapey jersey), skinny jeans and chunky sweaters.

The clothes were edgy, with tone-on-tone details that took otherwise basic black to another level, but feminine. It was fun to hear Dan's opinion on what we were seeing. One outfit came down the runway - a cable knit mini dress, a faux fur vest and ruched knee boots - that had him nudging me, saying "You should wear that." After double checking to see if he was serious (yep, he was) I took another look. And now have a few new ideas for what I might be wearing this fall.

We had a great time and I'm really excited for Sheila. It's always nice to see someone from your hometown succeed on a national level of fashion and beauty. After the show, Sheila mentioned that one of my favorite products - the NONTOXIQUE Age Reversal Serum - is what Hollywood's going crazy for. No surprise there; it smells amazing, leaves hands feeling lusciously smooth and combats liverspots, lack of elasticity and other signs of aging on the hands.

Here's what I wore last night:

My black satiny, strapless dress from Lane Bryant was a little bare for the evening's cool temps so I added the ruffle edged shrug. A zebra print belt accented my waist, and I added touches of color with red patent heels, red nails and little red purse.

The clothes:
Black stapless dress - Lane Bryant
Ruffled shrug- Lane Bryant
Zebra print belt - Target
Red patent heels - BCBG
Red leather purse - a boutique in NYC, a looong time ago
Red manicure - OPI's Vodka & Caviar
Silver bangle bracelets - Karma
Silver drop earrings - Lia Sophia


  1. Wow! Sounds like fun! Lucky you! Underwear with pockets ... hmmm. :) Melissa sure sounds like a wonderful person. You looked gteat, BTW!

  2. Your red shoes have inspired me! i got some red peep toes today and I can't wait to pair them with a LBD and some red nails!

  3. OMG, those sea salt caramels by Max's were ridiculous! Didn't you think the salt was sugar at first? Because it was colored and such a fine texture.
    I loved them as much as the sea salt truffles from Just Truffles. You simply MUST try them if you have not.


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