Monday, August 9, 2010

Bombshell Beauty Hits the Air Waves with Bombshell Boutique

What a long, wonderful day! It started out with foot surgery for Dan (he's doing just fine; thanks for all the supportive comments!). And then transitioned to ultra-glam model time! Denise Alden, owner of Bombshell Boutique in St. Paul, was asked to showcase some of her shop's clothes on a local talk show called Twin Cities Live. She pulled together five real women (and customers!) to be her models - including me.

It was a wonderful day of hanging out with a bunch of girls - talking about everything from lipgloss to our favorite jeans, jobs, kids and everything in between - that culiminated in a 5 minute segment on Twin Cities Live.

Click here to view the video: - Bombshell Boutique

Denise (in red) surrounded by her models. Aren't these women stunning? And as nice as they are pretty.

I wore my denim dress from LucieLu, styled for fall with knee-boots. Forgive the frizzy hair - it was a steamy 95 degrees here in the Twin Cities today!

You'll find more behind-the-scenes pictures over on my Facebook page.

I had a great time and am thrilled to have met such a great group of Bombshells. Though we were all nervous to be on camera, each woman really owned her look! Out of the five outfits featured, which one would you like to add to your own wardrobe?


  1. I would choose the lace dress the model next to Denise is wearing. Very classic chic...

  2. I love each outfit that is next to Denise...Gorgeous lace dress. In black it would be perfect for a night out and the dress on the left looks perfect for work or a dressier event during the day. Loves it!

  3. I have two favorites, the lace dress, but in black with nude undertones and your dress!! I will have to have both at some point...they are fantastic!! Both different styles, yours very modern and the lace one in black with nude undertones is very old Hollywood to me

  4. Great segment! Can't wait to check out this store when I am in town (in a month!).

  5. I love the lace dress too -- so feminine. Black would be beautiful too but I just love that one. I want it! And I love your denim dress too!

  6. I *love* that denim dress! I saw it a the Bombshell Boutique preview party and about died. Great to see it on someone!

  7. the dark dress with the red flats-altho I loved the dress you wore as well

  8. I totally just bought that Lucielu dress today. Now I'm just playing around with shoes and accessories for it... (thanks to Polyvore, which I JUST decided to get into...) Which do you like best?

  9. Great styling, Jessica! I like all the shoe options but am leaning towards the Bottlesup Sandal. Which is your favorite?

  10. I've decided the Bottlesup is my favorite - esp. after playing around on Polyvore. (Holy cow it's my new favorite online styling tool. Indispensable!) I also am learning toward some taupe knee high boots for the cooler months:

    My dress shipped yesterday, so i'm excited to start playing with options. I might even debut it for Opening Night this Friday! (I work at a performing arts center.)

    Do you have any suggestions for layering options?


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