Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ad Inspired

I've seen an advertisement for Lycra in a few of my Fall fashion magazines this month, and every time I come across this image I stop and stare for a good 4 minutes:

I love this look - it's tailored yet feminine and my perfect definition of casual. So cute. Exactly what I'd like to wear. So I pulled together a few pieces in plus sizes to replicate it.

The jacket I found has a black foundation instead of blue. So I also chose jeans that lean more towards black than the vintage-blue in the picture. It's not exactly the same, but the overall feel is there.


  1. Thats a great inspiration look.. and I love how you remixed it for the plus size! too too cute.. i may have to save this one for the fall too!

    Mrs Hall In Training

  2. You know..that LB is 40% off until the 30th...perfect time to pick that super cute sweater up!

  3. thanks to you... i bought that sweater on Friday! and a few other cute things. i must have told every clerk at LB about your blog while i was there!!

    one of the girls told me that DKNY is coming to LB in the fall! *squeal!*

  4. I tried on the jacket at LB Friday night and it's absolutely gorgeous.

    The only prob was I thought the arms were way too long. But I'm only 5'3" so on some of the taller girls it will be beautiful.

  5. Thanks, Kristin! How are you going to wear the sweater? Must get to the bottom of this DKNY business...!

  6. Morgan - did you change your blog name?

  7. I decided to change the name of my blog...still the same blog just a different name.


  8. I am thinking of wearing it with jeans, black trousers, a pencil skirt, and I bought the black cowl-neck "Mad Men" inspired dress it looks gorgeous together.

    I have to go to a trade show in three weeks - six days, so I am putting together a whole mix-and-match wardrobe that I can fit into my carry-on. Checked luggage is no fun at Atlanta-Hartsfeld airport.

  9. I hate checking luggage anywhere - mix and matching is a must when travelling!


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