Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Night Out With the Girls

I don't typically show "going out" outfits because my lifestyle doesn't really call for it. My work clothes easily transition into evening activities, like dinner and drinks with Dan, by adding accessories or removing a blazer.But I bought a fun top a few weeks ago that I've been waiting for an opportunity to wear. And that opportunity came knocking tonight in the form of girls' night out to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Funnily enough, three of us wore different variations of the same outfit - dark jeans, heels and a black top. That's the fallout of having been in a sorority together, I guess. Here's my version of the "going out" uniform:

We went to a tapas bar called Barrio, located conveniently right across the street from my home. Handy! This tank top features a really cute draped panel across the left side of my chest. I like that it's nice and long, too. Makes me feel taller (as if I really need to be taller).

The clothes:
Drapey blank tank - Lane Bryant
Mixed metal necklace - Lane Bryant
Jeans - Lee
Shoes - Nordstrom Rack
Bracelet - Lia Sophia
Red purse - picked up on a trip to NYC 8 years ago


  1. Nice! Jeans and a black top are the best combo ever! lol

  2. You can't go wrong with jeans and black with a pop of color.

    I think you should come back to NY and buy another bag or several. ;) Just saying.

  3. I am sooo overdue for a trip back to New York, Kenz! Especially since I have new friends there like you. :)


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