Monday, July 5, 2010

Magpie Glam

In the dead heat of summer, one of the most challenging outfits to pull together is one to wear out on the town with friends. Warm weather, for me, rules out jeans and structured tops; lots of jewelry; smokey eyes and other dramatic makeup. So what's left?

I found inspiration in one of this month's Lucky Magazine photo spreads, most especially this page:

(August 2010 issue, page 110 - The Gilded Age)

I like the idea of slipping on a comfortable dress and adding some glam with a sparkly scarf or vest. If you opt for a scarf, avoid overheating by slinging it over one shoulder instead of wrapping it around your neck.


  1. My favorite color is sparkly, so I love this!

  2. I wish I still had a Lucky subscription. I need to buy one again. It's always got great ideas.

  3. LOL - that's right. Your favorite color IS sparkly. :)

    I get way too many magazines each month. If I could only keep one subscription it would definitely be Lucky.

  4. That's a beautiful photo...I love Lucky mag!

  5. I love anything sparkly :)


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