Friday, July 23, 2010

Keeping it Casual

I woke up waaaay too early this morning, so decided to head into work at the crack of dawn. I didn't feel like fussing too much with my clothes, so went with one of my favorite casual/sporty outfits:

It doesn't get much simpler than a cotton khaki skirt + white crew neck tee. I added my gold sandals so I'd feel a little more office-appropriate. Although I'll be slipping into my Converse flip flops for happy hour tonight!

The clothes:
Khaki skirt - Gap
White tee- Gap
Sandals - Payless
Pinecone necklace - Grandma Ruth
Sapphire earrings - Grandma Kappy


  1. Very casual chic outfit! reminds me of Joan Holloway!!

  2. I love that skirt and shoes. Don't you just love khaki. :)

  3. It's such a classic look. I love it.

  4. Goosshh.....u looks so sweet in that outfit.
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