Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The long holiday weekend was wonderful, but I'll admit to being ready to get back to work. I'm going shopping afterward with a friend, so wanted to wear an outfit that's comfortable and easy to take off/pull on in a dressing room. Here's what I came up with:

I'm wearing the alligator bracelet Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50 sent me - it has a 'Wonder Woman' feel to it, so this is me fending off laser blasts with it.

My necklace is borrowed from Mom. It was given to her by my grandparents after one of their trips to Ireland. It's gorgeous Irish crystal.

The clothes & accessories:
Ruffled shrug- Lane Bryant
Lace trimmed camisole- Gap Outlet
Reversible animal print skirt - Lane Bryant (the other side is black)
Shoes - DesignerShoes.com
Earrings - Lia Sophia
Necklace - Mom's
Bracelet - gift from Kimberly


  1. This outfit looks great :) I also love your pose in that second photo - I know you are showing off the bracelet, but it's a very "You can DO it!" pose :)

  2. Thanks, Rebecca! I kind of feel "you can do it!" today, so that's fitting. :)

  3. totally cute! I love animalprints :) xxx

  4. You are looking super fantastic today! I love that the skirt is reversible too! Have fun shopping - hope you find something fabulous!

  5. So adorable!!! I'm on a massive cami/shrug kick right now..you wear them well :)

  6. Great outfit! You look like you're ready to go shopping!! Lol

  7. Your wonder woman pose totally made me laugh.


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