Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Day Late

I didn't have time to post yesterday's outfit on Friday morning, so I thought I would put it up today. It's funny though; I opened up the pictures this morning and thought, "Wow. I felt a lot cuter in that outfit than these shots look." I guess that's what's important - how I felt as opposed to how I photographed!

I layered two striped tanks over each other - blue striped over yellow striped - then topped them with a maroon cotton cardigan. I've been meaning to replace this cotton black skirt because the waist-band is really scratchy. Maybe I'll be on the lookout for one, to see if I can find a replacement that works with my $10 challenge.

My Lia Sophia "Lemoncello" necklace played off the yellow tank, and I wore a bracelet that my brother and sister-in-law gave me for my college graduation back in the day:

Tiffany ID bracelets were all the rage when I graduated, and this was my first piece from Tiffany & Co. The bracelet has my unmarried initials on it, which I think is kind of fun. It's also pretty tarnished which I keep meaning to clean up. But it also lends an old charm to the bracelet.


  1. very cute! you look great in skirts :D

    xxx Anika


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