Monday, July 19, 2010

Beauty Moment - Goody Spin Pins

I'm officially a Goody Spin Pin junky. I keep them close by at all times, and they've effectively replaced my ponytail holder.

They are:
1. Very easy to use
2. Extremely strong - they really hold a bun in place!
3. Gentle - the pins don't get tangled up or yank on my strands the way a bobby pin can

Here are a few pictures of my favorite hairstyles, compliments of the Spin Pin. Then I have a quick little video showing you the basic Spin Spin technique. I'm still complete crap at "how-to" videos, so forgive my ineptitude and gratuitous elbow shots.

Hairstyle #1: Half Up Bun

Look #2: Kicky Side Bun

Let me know if you use Spin Pins to create any other hairstyles - I would love to see how you do it!


  1. But you didn't talk about how to take those pins out! How in the world do they not snag onto your hair and cause pain when you try to take them out?

  2. They're just as easy to take out, Mimi- simply twist counter clockwise and they come right out.

  3. I bought those at CVS a couple weeks ago and I have yet to master their use. Now my hair is too short to put in a full bun, but I'm totally using your video for tips when it grows out.

    I left you something on my blog :)

  4. OK, this looks awesome. Me and bobby pins don't work so I'll definitely have to look for these on ebay.

    Moe aka @biggirlblue

  5. My fro is too short for those right now. Maybe someday.

  6. I love the spin pins! I have tons of hair and use 4 and my hair stays up. They were hard to find, but worth my search.

  7. What's making your hair rebellious, Kristin? Too thick? To fine? Slippery or unruly?


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