Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beauty Moment- Best Body Shimmers

Last week, I posted an overview of my skincare routine. One of the products I featured was Mario Badescu's Summer Shimmer Body Lotion. It's a very light lotion that imparts the slightest of gold shimmers to the skin; I wear it on my legs almost every day. My skin is very pale, bordering on pasty even through the sunniest of months. I don't mind not being tan, but I do want my skin to look touchable and glowy - especially when wearing skirts and tank tops.

In addition to the Mario Badescu lotion, I have two other products in my arsenal to fight pasty summer skin:

Benefit's Bathina Body So Fine & Laura Geller's Baked Body Frosting in Sugar Glow. I tried to take pictures of my arms and legs with and without each product, but I'm simply not a talented enough photographer to capture good snaps. And when I say "not talented enough," I mean we're lucky I remember to turn on the flash most days.

Bathina Body So Fine is a body balm that's applied with a velvety sponge. I doesn't add any additional color to my skin, but makes it look really glowy. And the scent is out of the this world - very light and fresh, with a hint of floral gardenia.

Baked Body Frosting works very differently than the Benefit balm. It's a baked powder, also applied with a velour puff. It can be applied dry or wet, which is my preference. I think the powder adheres to my skin better when applied wet, which is important because this product adds a touch of gold color to my skin. It's practically imperceptable, this color. But it makes a huge difference! Between the shimmer and gold tone, Baked Body Frosting diffuses spider veins and other patches of discoloration (which I definitely have on my legs!).

I bought both of these products at Sephora; Benefit products are also available in select department stores and on Laura Geller's products can be found on QVC.

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  1. I was a huge benefit shimmer fan for years then I discovered it was making me sick (I learned I was allergic to sesame) then this year they reformulated and repackaged it WITHOUT SESAME! yeahhhhhhh!


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