Wednesday, July 14, 2010

$10 Shopping Restriction - Week 2

I bought two things with my $10 this week, and I've been wearing both of them like crazy! So the cost/wear is already very low. My first purchase was a set of Goody Spin Pins:

I've never been very adept at doing my hair, so I'm a sucker for any product or gadget that promises quick & easy results. I read a really positive review of them over on Work With What You've Got, so figured I would give them a try. I'm surprised at how incredibly easy it is to create a bun with these two pins - and they really hold! I'll do a full review later, and will show you some of the hairstyles I've created. I bought mine at Target for $5.99.

My second purchase was another one made at Old Navy. I'm really feeling the Old Navy clearance section lately! It's a really pretty cotton scarf; pink with gray, fuschia and green polka dots. It's huge, so I've been able to wear it pinned as a shrug, wrapped around my neck, and it even served as a makeshift blanket during a meeting in which sat directly under the A/C. It was $3.99.

What did you get this week?


  1. Those are very solid $10 purchases. I can't wait to read more about the spin pins. I am completely hair illiterate, so any help I can get is greatly needed! Also, you can never go wrong with a marvelous $4 scarf!

  2. I'm not on a shopping restriction, but I'm very thrifty by nature. I bought an adorable pair of white strappy sandals at Payless for $3. They won't last more than maybe two seasons, but they were only $3.

  3. For $14.99 plus some change for shipping, I found out that you can get 4 of the Goody simple style hair things (2 of the spin pins, 1 hair pouf-er comb, 1 of the pins that helps with turning buns into updos, and 1 of the "pony pouf clip" - unsure how/if it will work). It turned out to be a lot cheaper then buying each individually.

    Anyway I put my order in on Monday night so I hope they are here soon! I'd love to see what you do with the spin pins so I look forward to your post!

  4. I just bought the spin pins last week. They are really amazing. My hair is just a scant too short for them, but with a few mini jaw clips they work perfectly.

    I just started fashion blogging, I hope you'll check me out.

  5. I absolutely love the spin pin. Especially because it's been so hot. I put my hair up wet then when its dry it leaves the most fab waves.

  6. I bought those pins a few weeks ago and I love them! Love them!!

  7. So, after reading your review of the Spin Pins, I decided to head over to the drugstore and buy some. Somehow, my hair doesn't want to stay in. Do you gals have any tips/tricks? I love the idea of them - my hair, on the other hand, has other ideas.


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