Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reader Question: Bombshell Staples?

Long time lover of your fashion - new reader. :)

I have always stocked my closet full of Lane Bryant since college and
knew my body type. However, I am now a new mom and this has caused a few items to leave rotation in my closet and I don't know what to buy that will flatter the new me.

Are there set staples these days (ala Tim Gunn's Guide to Style 10 essentials) for the bombshell body? Or should I bite the bullet andget a fashion/image consultation?

- Erika

Whether you're a new mom (Congratulations, Erika!) or some other life event has precipitated a change in your body type, it can be hard to evaluate and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. In fact, i would say that simply identifying the need to do so is half the battle! Once you've made that crucial realization and are ready to start stocking your closet with a few basics, start with these items* -

1. A black, knee-length skirt - the fabric and style will be dictated by your lifestyle. For example, if you're a stay-at-home mom, a cotton A-line skirt may be your best bet. If you spend your days sitting in a cube at work, opt for a lined pencil skirt.

2. Plain cotton tees in black, white and gray. Make sure they're good quality cotton, heavier enough to stand up to regular wear. If you are busty, consider a v-neck. Less endowed women could go for a crew-neck.

3. Jeans. For the most versatile look, choose a pair that's a uniform dark wash. No whiskering or fading or any extra embellishments. Save those details (if you like them) for your second or third pair of jeans. But buy the classic pair first.

4. Colorful cardigan(s). You can pick up cardigans by the armloads for relatively cheap (they seem to be on sale at Old Navy every couple weeks) - pick a couple cheerful colors to pair with your basic tees, jeans and black skirt or pants. Which reminds me...

5. Black trousers. Fit is key here - make sure they skim your curves just right, and make sure they're long enough. Your pants should hit the middle of your foot bone. If you intend to wear the pants with heels, for the most part, they should be a bit longer.

6. Accessories - this is where life gets fun! Accessories are especially important if you're rebuilding your wardrobe. This is where you can add color and texture to basic tops and tees. The best part? Accessories can be incredibly inexpensive. Forever 21, Target, and Patina carry a lot of great jewelry, scarves, bags and headbands.

In my opinion, there's no real difference between basics for a Bombshell body and any other type of body. It's all about getting the right fit on your body; if you feel that a fashion consultation with a professional stylist would help - then go for it! Or you can go the old fashioned route - hole yourself up in a dressing room with trustworthy friend or sales associate, and try on clothes til you find what works for you. Best of luck, Erika!

* I would never pretend to be Tim Gunn. I mean, seriously. For more inspiration and advice, check out his book: Tim Gunn: A Guide To Quality, Taste and Style. Here are a few other titles that might get you going as well (all of which I've read and recommend:

The Pocket Stylist by Kendall Farr (I love this book!)

The Lucky Shopping Manual by Andrea Linett & Kim France

Secrets of a Fashion Therapist by Betty Haldreich


  1. Thanks, Sara! That makes the direction a bit clearer. On your suggestion, I went to Old Navy and was able to order most of these staples for under $100! On to the fun accessory shopping!

  2. I love plunking down $100 (or less!) and walking away with a lot of great stuff. So glad you're off to a good start, Erika!


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