Friday, June 18, 2010

Play-Time at StormSister!

I just got back from StormSister, or as I like to call it "play-time!" Earlier this week, Becky asked me to come in and try the line of lipsticks she carries from Fleur's. Well, this makeup junkie wasn't going to simply start and stop at lipstick! Nope, I wanted to try everything: eyes, cheeks, lips - the whole deal.

And Becky is my kind of proprietress - I walked in, she pointed me in the right direction and let me do my thing. This is one of the best parts of shopping at a local boutique - no one hounding me for a sale.

So, here's the setup of Fleur's makeup:

So inviting! And everything I needed, from brushes and mascara wands to good lighting and a compact.

Here's a nice little "Before" shot of me without any makeup:

And "After" my makeup application:

I'm extremely brand-loyal; Bobbi Brown and Stila have been the real workhorses of my makeup bag for years. But...I think there might be room for Fleur's. The eyeshadows are super blendable - and the color selection is very pretty. I have a serious crush on the pressed powder - it's very finely milled and feels like silk on my skin. I used a touch of cream foundation around my nose and on other red spots - it covers well without feeling dry and cakey.

I bought three Fleur's products and a SpaRitual Nail polish:

Lipgloss in F78 (Camela), Lipstick in F20 (Corydale), Eyeliner in F101 (Tamaris) and Nail Polish in Regal.

I scored a pretty major deal on my purchase because Fleur's is changing their packaging, so Becky is selling products in the old packaging for 50% off! If you live in the Twin Cities, head up the hill to StormSister to become aquainted with this great spatique. And if you're not in the area, you can shop her online store - where you'll find a great selection of products (and lots of great deals, too!).

Becky also clued me in on a very exciting opportunity she has coming up - one which will benefit all of her customers! It's top secret though, so more to come over the next few months. Let's just say I'm very excited for her.

I'm wearing the eyeliner and two lip products in my photos; see below for additional product information.

Product Info:
Rich Foundation Compact in F67 (Light Beige)
Compact Powder in F79 (Clear Matte)
Blush in Rose
Volumizing Mascara - Becky's favorite!
Three different eye shadows: All Over Lid - F94 ( Lys Blanc) Crease, up to brow bone - F93 ( Corydale) Contour F89 (Carline)
Eyeliner in Tamaris
Lipstick in F120 ( Pearlized Fuschia Corydale)
Lipgloss in F78 (Translucent Pink)


  1. So glad you enjoyed your purchases and playing beauty shop.

    Thanks for the wonderful post. What fun!

  2. Oh yeah, and get as much mileage as you can out of the SpaRitual lacquer in has been discontinued. Scandal!

    Nail lacquer tip: keep them in the fridge, they last longer.

  3. Of COURSE my new favorite nail polish color is discontinued. Of course. Thanks for the tip!

  4. You look gorgeous! Love the lippy color(s)!

  5. If I come to MN in the fall, will you teach me to put on makeup? I swear I used to be able to do it, but now everything I do looks like crap. I think maybe it's b/c I have a bunch of cheap make-up now.

  6. Yes! See, one more reason for you to come, Tina.


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