Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Plus Size Retailer: Sonsi

I've been hearing a lot of buzz around new plus size retailer, Sonsi. Their online presence is growing rapidly - bolstered in no doubt by the fact that they are a sponsor of Full Figured Fashion Week (going on now in NYC).

Sonsi sells several popular plus size brands from one e-commerce site, including Svoboda Jeans, Fashion Bug, Lane Bryant, Alex Evenings and more. It's a great way to purchase from both high and low plus size brands all at once!

With that high/low idea in mind, I created a Polyvore set of clothes currently on the Sonsi site. I started with a swank jacket by Alex Evenings, then paired it with casual jeans and a tee shirt. I love this kind of fancy/casual mix for a night out with girlfriends or date night. It's a great way to wear a piece (like this jacket) that may seem over the top when paired with true evening-wear. But it's perfect with jeans!

In addition to being a retailer, Sonsi is also working the whole social media angle by creating life-style articles and blog posts for its shoppers. I think the idea is to create a one-stop shop of shopping and interacting with other plus size women with similar interests. What do you think of this addition to a retail web site? Does it make you want to spend more time there? Or do you not really pay attention to that kind of stuff?


  1. I had planned to be at FFF week since it's so conveniently located, but I'm away this week so my pass went to waste. Boo..

  2. It looks like you're having a wonderful week, though,Kenz! :)

  3. I love the outfit you put together. It's something I would actually wear, though it's pushing my jeans & t-shirt boundaries (which I think I should be doing more of, now that I'm 31).

  4.'s been an incredible week.. I wouldn't trade it. :)


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