Saturday, June 19, 2010

Colorful Kicks

I love my plaid Converse sneakers:

I was almost hesitant to buy them a couple years ago because I wondered what the heck I'd wear them with. The answer turned out to be: more than I ever thought! They really do either go with or compliment almost any jeans-based outfit. And I've made a point in buying pieces of clothing and jewelry that feature colors found in my shoes. Today's outfit is an example of how the shoes really pull the outfit together:

The next time you spot a pair of shoes that have you thinking, "That's not practical - what would I wear them with?" - go for it! You may be surprised at their versatility. And if not, you'll have reason to go out and find something to wear with them.

The clothes:
Green cardigan - Target (a couple years ago)
Puple tank - Gap
Khaki skirt - Gap
Necklace - Patina
Shoes - Converse


  1. You look comfy, cute and sweet. I really am digging those sneakers.

  2. Plaid - love them!! Thanks for showing with a skirt like I requested! :-)

  3. I am seriously having trouble wearing my Converse with anything other than jeans. After seeing your great plaid one I think that part of the problem might be that mine are black and it is so start against my white legs when I try to pair them with a skirt. But I'm gonna try again, b/c you look so great!

  4. I am looking to add a black pair to my shoe collection...but you make a good point about them looking very stark against white skin!

  5. Your wish is my command, Kimberly. :)


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