Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bombshell Round Up

An Olive a Day shares her favorite style - sweet and vintage inspired pieces.

I'm contemplating Cid's Summer Challenge: choose five pieces from your wardrobe and remix them with accessories for a week of outfits.

I've never heard of Alisi Swimwear, but the snaps on Curves & Chaos have me hooked!

Lilli is killing me with this belt - and the shoes. And...everything about this outfit.

Stylish Curves found a white dress for every woman's style. I can't decide between the first one and the third one.

Right on, Roxie. Right. On.


  1. I will always love Roxie, not matter how old I get ;-)

    And I just saw that you're in MN too!! That is so cool!! Don't find too many bloggers from here.

  2. DO IT, DO IT! The challenge was fun, it helped me out with remixing my clothes, which I was not too good at!

  3. Isn't the the Alisi line beautiful? Thanks for including me! :)


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