Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh, People

And by "people", I mean People magazine. A few days ago, I received from Cover Girl's PR rep the exact same photo People magazine has published online. The funny thing about it is that People claims Taylor herself shared this "exclusive" shot with them. It's nice to know that I am just as connected and exclusive as People magazine! (Insert smiley face here because....yeah. I'm not that connected.)

The perpetual 15-year old in me does have a soft spot for Taylor - she's very pretty, of course, and seems like a really nice girl. I think it's interesting that her campaign with Cover Girl is for a new, luxury line of products. I won't really know what that means until I see it, but I am curious as to whether or not a more upscale line will do well for them. I tend to believe that if I'm spending $15-20 on a product available at the drugstore, I might as well just save up a few more dollars and hit the department store or Sephora. How about you?


  1. I'm not a drugstore makeup fan..the few times I've tried it in the last year, I've been disappointed.

    I don't see myself thinking it's a good idea to spend 15-20 on a "high end" drugstore brand because I find it hard to imagine that it will compare to the YLS, Dior, etc. that I use now.

    These brands and others are more expensive, but we're talking about our faces...I don't know..I'm torn - and maybe a little biased. But I think if you try something I will

  2. I do actually like a couple of drugstore items - Revlon Photo Ready foundation, Cover Girl Simply Ageless foundation, a variety of mascaras. But I'm not sure I could get past the mental block of expecting to pay low prices at Target. We'll see, Kenz. We will see!

  3. I haven't purchased at a department store bricks-and-mortar store in years. I do occasionally purchase at Sephora or Nordstrom for makeup that seems very special, such as YSL lipstick.

    I will purchase nail polish at drugstores, and cleansers and moisturizers. Drugstores/Target seem to have the most variety and best value.

    For all my other makeup needs, I purchase online at QVC because I'm loyal to Bare Escentuals. Occasionally I'll try a sample product for foundation and then think--why did I bother? when the results are so inferior to BE. Once you find something that you love--why switch? And QVC will give you access to new products such as the vibrating mascara, etc. Their business model is so great, too--pay, often over time, get great customer service, return the product if you don't like it. Hard to beat.

  4. I've met a fellow QVC-er! I love the special offers that QVC has on many of its makeup lines. My latest "want" is a trio of YSL Golden Lipglosses - essentially, buy 2 get one free. Not until after May 26th, of course...


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