Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aaaand It's Over

The shopping ban is officially over. To be honest with you, it was unofficially over on Mother's Day weekend. I made an impromptu road trip to spend the weekend with my mom. Of course we went shopping. Of course we did. I justified it by reasoning that my mom actually bought me a few things - I did not buy them myself. But...it still counts. And then I officially gave up today by purchasing an unnecessary bottle of nail polish. That's right, OPI Chicago Champagne Toast was the end of me and this little experiment.

I had an amazing day today - completely rocked a big presentation at work - the sun was shining, I left work early and really wanted a special treat to celebrate a job well done. So, I headed over to the Trade Secret across the street from my office and picked up a bottle of polish. So, that's that.

I didn't make it to my designated cut off date of May 26th - but I have learned a lot about myself and the sorta, kinda unhealthy relationship I have with shopping. Much like Lays potato chips, I use shopping as a crutch for when I'm bored, tired, sad, mad, happy, bored, bored, and bored. As I mentioned before, shopping was such a habit for me. I was constantly thinking about what to buy next. I received no fewer than 23 (!) emails each day from my favorite retailers with news of sales and deals and limited time offers. And thanks to the shopping ban (abbreviated as it was) I can honestly say that I've turned this behavior around.

For those of you thinking, "Wait a second...didn't you just say you bought nail polish to celebrate an accomplishment? Way to turn things around, Sara." I say that yes, I did that. But I am much more aware of my shopping habits. I feel a little freer now because I don't have the need to buy everything I see. It's pretty great.

I thought that when the ban was over, I would go crazy buying (or thinking about buying) all the things I've not purchased over the past three weeks. Suprisingly, there's nothing I'm rushing out to purchase. We'll see how long that lasts.

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  1. You make me think too, by the way. I've been considering putting myself on a ban (mainly because I cannot imagine going on a shopping ban.) But I think I'm pretty proud of the other stuff I'm doing now so I'll consider the ban at a different point.

    Now I'm dying to see the nail polish that you bought. I'm going to have to find it and no doubt admire it soon.


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