Thursday, April 22, 2010

Silly Fox & ABC

I'm not someone who really participates in the the social issues that surround being overweight; there are a lot of plus size bloggers who are much better at the social activism of discrimination against people who are overweight. And I've always tried to keep this blog focused on all the great fashion and style available to us Bombshells. But when I heard about the hub-bub caused by Fox and ABC throwing fits on pairing a couple of Cacique commercials in prime time, I felt compelled to throw myself behind Lane Bryant & Cacique and show them my support.

If you haven't heard about the whole thing, the Cliff's Notes version is that Lane Bryant purchased air time during Dancing with the Stars and American Idol with the intention of airing a commercial for Cacique lingerie. But for some reason, the two networks deemed the commercial inappropriate...yeah. The assumption is that it's because the women are plus size. Because the commercial's not any sexier or more inappropriate than Victoria's Secret, or Desperate Housewives, etc. I would actually rate the commercial on the tame side of television. Click here to see for yourself.

I would welcome the opportunity to see this commercial on TV, how about you?


  1. I have definitely seen racier ads on television than the Cacique lingerie ad. The Olay Ribbons commercial comes immediately to mind, as well as Victoria's Secret.

    While I do not want to speculate as to why the networks considered the ad inappropriate... is it really about having voluptuous women on television? There's been a lot of hub bub about why they may have said "no," but have the networks actually said "no fat chicks" or is this just what people are interpreting it as?

    Just My Size advertises their bras on television... and those women are similarly proportioned to the Cacique babes.

    Who knows? I don't think that it's the fact that the ad is pulled, but the reaction that is more disturbing to me than anything else.

  2. I guess I am quick to side with Lane Bryant just because of the emotional connection I have with the brand. But I will say that whatever is going on here, I'm really encouraged by the positive press and comments that I've read on mainstream blogs like - there's definitely an appetite to see this commercial (and other plus size ladies) on TV. That's a good thing.

  3. BB, I am like you - I immediately sided with Lane Bryant based on my relationship with the brand. My thoughts immediately went to skinny vs. plus size (if you can even call gorgeous Ashley that!). I have read some other things that have confirmed that thought though. VS has had ads aired during the same shows that LB was requesting.

    Regardless of the reasons, I think this has really become a positive thing though - for LB and women with curves. As one of my readers commented on a similar post on my blog, "An ad like that could do a lot of the self image of women with a little meat on their bones - not to mention Mens perspective of "lane bryan" shoppers."

  4. We're too god-damned sexy for prime time TV!! Yeah, baby!

  5. I am a size 18, and I wonder daily why I don't see more real size women on tv... but I find it somewhat hypocritical of Lane Bryant to lash out at Fox and ABC when they themselves don't even use true representatives of the women who actually buy their clothes to model their clothes. The models they use to advertise their own clothes are usually not even a size 16.

    Look at the current models on the website. Most of the women who shop in their stores are not a size 16. The 14/16 is the smallest size they sell. If you look at the sale / clearance racks, they are always filled to the brim with the 14/16's because women who are a 14/16 have many more choices on where to shop for stylish clothes. The most common sizes (18/20, 20/22) are always gone. I wonder when will Lane Bryant themselves accurately represent the plus size women who purchase their clothes in their own advertising?


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