Monday, April 12, 2010


The amount of shopping I've done over the past several weeks is akin to an illness. I don't usually go crazy like this. I'm going to blame Lane Bryant because they keep sending me coupons for $25 off a $75 purchase. And I can't just throw away $25 free dollars!

That's my justification anyway.

But seriously. I'm going to stop. The American Express is going back into the safe. It will be paid off by the end of the month. And I will not buy anything else for a long time.

And by long time, I mean a few weeks. At least.

I seem to go through peaks and valleys of being obsessed with one store at a time. I went through a serious B and Lu phase. Followed by an "I can't get enough of Igigi!" moment. And, while LB is definitely a stand by, it's been treating me really well lately.

I went in to LB tonight, thinking I was going to love this ruffled linen jacket:

But up close, it was just so very linen- i.e. wrinkly. Hated it. So sad. Then I spied the sateen blazer that I've seen over and over on the Lane Bryant web site and have passed on over and over because I thought it would be boring and bland and could possibly make a scritching sound whenever I moved in it.

Raise your hand if you remember those sateen pants from LB, circa 2001, and know what I'm talking about.

Surprise- I love this jacket. Bought it in white AND black. Because they were on sale for $20 off, and I had that stupid coupon. I'm kind of mad about it but also deeply happy. It fits so well through my shoulders and chest (although I will be removing the shoulder pads, ASAP). I went down a size because it looks really cute as a fitted jacket and seemed just a smidge large in my normal size. I'm going to pair the jackets with jeans, sparkly tanks and heels for date night; skirts, basic tees and major jewelry for work; and sundresses with sandals for errands on the weekend.

Make me feel better about this shopping mania that I have going on: what item (s) have you been unable to stop yourself from purchasing recently?

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  1. I think more than half of my original credit card debt was attributable to those $25 off coupons for Lane Bryant. Then I learned: because their stock turnover is huge, it's reasonable just to wait until it all hits clearance - and that really let me stretch out those coupons.

  2. I'm as sick as you...I can't be stopped lately. I want the white jacket that you bought too, but I haven't purchased it yet. I'm sure I will later this week. :)

  3. Sara, are you insane? It's tax time. I owe $5000.00. I can't buy anything, ever, again!

    Plus, more and more vendors are passing on return costs to the consumer, and I find myself really resenting that. Here is what I went through today to return something to
    Torrid requires the heinous “Return Authorization #”. First, you have to look up the customer service number on the website. Then you have to give them the order #, the order date, the item #, and description of item. Then you wait on the phone for 20 minutes while they go back and forth, complaining that the computer seems *slow* today. They finally give you a Return Authorization #, which you have to write down and put in the package you are sending back. Then you have to go to YOUR computer and print out the bloody postage return label. Then put that on the package and drive to the damn UPS or FedEx office to drop off the package. I think I just won’t buy anything, ever again!

  4. I am absolutely floored that Torrid makes it so difficult to return something! I wish retailers would realize that just because I'm returning something doesn't mean I'm a bad customer- don't put me through the wringer!

    I think everyone should adopt Old Navy's return process - they provide a mailing envelope with postage and everything. Could not be simpler.

  5. I'm wearing the white jacket today, Kenz- and it's great. You should definitely buy it. :)

    I wish I were as patient as you are, Magikal - waiting for the sales. Once in a while I can show enough restraint to really rack up the good deals but so often I see it, want it, buy it now.

  6. I HAD to buy that blue "is it" tunic from LB that you posted a few weeks ago using that coupon too. It was so cute pictured with the black cardi and leggings... and I bought 2 bras, a black cardigan, and another tanktop.

    SO sick. But at least I'll look good.

  7. You'll have to let me know how you like the Is It tunic. I'm trying to think of different ways to wear it, leggings aside.

  8. I haven't received the top yet, but I am imagining wearing it with white capris or pedal pushers, a black pencil skirt, slim/skinny leg pants in either white, black or light khaki. I don't think it would be a very good compliment with jeans, but you never know!

    Today, I'm wearing a dress I snagged at Kohl's with a pair of leggings. I feel very rockstar today.


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