Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Outfit Needed for...Dodgeball Tournament?

Yes, the most random activity of my week is going to be attending a dodgeball tournament. I'm not even playing in it (if I were, the clothing choice would not be as difficult) - I'm merely a spectator. Dan's a middle school teacher and is playing in a dodgeball tournament to support one of his school's philanthropic efforts for an organization called H2O for Life. I will be playing the role of supportive wife in the stands.

So my outfit needs to be appropriate on many levels:
* meeting/hanging out with his co-workers

* appealing to middle school kids (I would like to be the cool wife of their favorite teacher)

* allows me to quickly move out of the way of errant rubber balls flying through the air

So I'm thinking some kind of variation on the classic, kid-friendly jeans + tee combo:

It's not the most fashion-forward outfit that I'll put on this week, but I think it's still a good reflection of my style. There's nothing worse than trying too hard with an outfit - especially around 7th grade girls. Because they will totally call you on it.

The clothes & photo credits:
Free Bird tee shirt, Old Navy.

Light wash wide leg jeans, also Old Navy.

Blazing yellow Converse sneakers, from Zappos.


  1. I love the yellow kicks. I actually own a pair too, and they always make me feel super cute. ;)

  2. I think the outfits really cute, love the yellow shoes.

  3. I think the outfit is very cute and sporty! The t-shirt is very sweet - I am totally loving the Old Navy tees this year. Hope you have (had) fun at the tournament! You will definitely be the cool wife of the cool teacher!!

  4. Dan is a middle school teacher? Those kids are sooo lucky! There are very few male teachers and it's so important for children to have positive male role models. Thank you, Dan!!

  5. It's amazing how tennis shoes in a cool color can make one feel really kicky. :)

    And speaking of Old Navy - I'm really happy with the clothes they have available right now. I didn't like much of their stuff for about a year; thrilled that they are back on the cuteness track!

    And Mim, I let Dan know what you said. He pulled an "awe schucks" routine. :)


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