Monday, April 5, 2010

Help Me Choose- Hair Style

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on which makeup I should go with for my friend's wedding (I'll reveal my choice on Friday). Now, I need your opinion on an up-do. Here are the two contenders:

Look #1: Soft Knot with Braids

I like this option because it's a little unexpected, with the braids, but not completely out there. My hair will be out of my face and totally low maintenance.

Look #2: Sultry Chignon

I also love this's sexy in a way that seems appropriate for someone else's wedding. I'm also a complete sucker for any variation on a side ponytail. The only downside - I know that the cool swooping piece at the front will end up tucked behind my ear at some point.

So - what do you think? Soft and romantic (look #1) or sultry chignon (look #2)?


  1. I vote #1. Both are pretty, but #2 is so bridemaid looking. Number one is kind of a fresh twist on a classic.

  2. I would choose #1, but I think you could pull off #2 as well. It's so hard to choose!!

  3. I think it somewhat depends on the makeup. Because #1 is so soft and pretty, it might look a little out of place with more sophisticated, dramatic makeup.

    So if you chose the soft & pretty makeup, hairstyle #1. If you chose the smokey eye, hairstyle #2.

  4. I vote for one...I would be tucking the cute piece behind my ear too in look 2.

  5. I would say #2 but since you do think you'd be pulling that piece of hair back all the time (I would be too!) my vote is then #1!


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