Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What the...

Ok, usually this blog is about all the great fashion that's out there for plus size Bombshells. But I came across this and literally shouted, "What the hell??" Out loud. In a very quiet coffee shop. Whatever. If the people who were glaring at me could have seen what I'm about to show you, they would have understood. Behold:

Had you heard that Prairie Chic in the form of freaking overalls is in this spring? Because I certainly had not gotten that message. Wow.

Photo credit: Onestopplus.com


  1. I used to wear overalls - when I was 10. And for a brief phase in college that we don't talk about. While they're not all bad, high fashion they're not.

  2. I totally agree!!! Overalls were cute when I was 12, but who??? - and I really want to know - Who says that overalls are a prairie chic trend and on plus size?!? Maybe on the farm or if your under 20 but just what are they thinking?!?! (oh and the treated denim jeans and lace leggings didn't look good in the 80's why do they think they would look any better now?)

  3. OMG no. Little kids, mechanics, actual farmers, pregnant people: fine. Everybody else? Please don't.

  4. I will admit to owning a pair of overalls right up until I went to college. (A long time ago!). And the thing is...they're just not very flattering on curves. They pull in all the wrong places. Who wants that??

  5. I just want to add that the whole "ditsy florals" seems to be saying something derogatory about the women who wear florals. Just- what?

  6. I just spend 8 minutes Googling the origins of the term "ditsy floral" - and came up with nothing. I don't know why that print is called ditsy.


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