Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stripe Happy

Stripes are so verstatile. I know that sounds kind of strange, right? But think about it: stripes can transform from chic to preppy just by changing up the width or color combination; they can add texture and interest to an otherwise basic outfit; and they fit into pretty much any style scene.

For Work

Start with an eye-catching cardigan in varying shades and widths of stripes. Choose a complimentary color from the cardigan and layer in a girly top. Pull it all together with a neutral skirt or pants - I love how this skirt plays off the waist-enhancing dark blue stripe on the cardigan.

Going Out

Start with a slouchy tank (extra long through the hips) in shades of black, gray or dark blue. I love the watercolor effect of this one (see how the stripes are kind of smudgy?) - what a cool detail. Pair the tank with your choice of pant - black trousers or your favorite pair of jeans. A well-worn denim jacket is a cool final touch. I like to roll the sleeves up, too.

Playing it Casual

I'm always looking for ways to mix comfort with style. Jeans and a tee shirt with a really cool detail makes that effort so easy . Snappy sneakers in an unexpected color are like frosting on the cake.

Photo credit: OldNavy.com; Evans.co.uk

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