Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peek Inside My Closet

I've been asked quite a few times for pictures of my closet; I'm taking a mini vacation from work and somehow found myself cleaning out my closet.

(I know, what kind of weirdo chooses to clean her closet while on vacation?)

I pulled out all the winter clothes, checked them over for wear and tear, donated as needed and then stored everything else. I pulled all of my spring clothes out of storage, spruced them up, then got busy hanging & folding.

And here's the final result:

I'm guessing that you might be surprised that it's not jam packed full of stuff, right? I've definitely gone through those periods in my life where I thought more clothes meant I was a better-dressed woman. But for me, a packed closet means more headaches and time trying to piece together an outfit. I love every piece that I own and feel great every time (ok, most of the time) I get dressed. Not that I don't struggle with keeping my closet in check - I do! Every season, I have to fight the urge to rush out and buy a bunch of stuff that looks great in the moment. When I do pick up something new, I try to ensure that it's something I truly need/want and then I check my hangers to see what could be retired to make room for the latest and greatest.

Here's a closer look at my purse collection. I really like Kate Spade, Kathy Van Zeeland, and Hobo International bags. I store smaller clutches in the big floral Kate Spade purse on the far left, then stuff the rest of my bags with skeins of yarn to help them keep their shape.

I like to separate my work clothes from play clothes. Here's the work side: lots of dresses, one pair of black trousers, three skirts and two blazers.

And on the right are my play clothes: cotton shirts, skirts too short to wear to the office, two pairs of jeans (buried in the back since I rarely wear them!). I do pair some of my cotton tops with work skirts, but for some reason like to keep them over on the casual side of the closet. I also have a hanging shoe thingy - it holds 10 pair, which I try to keep my collection to. Of course I don't include in that final count my two pairs of boots (stored for the season) and my running shoes.

Along the top racks of the closet are workout/lounge gear, tee shirts, light sweaters, cardigans and my swimsuit.

Most of my jewelry is kept in an armoire, but I hang longer necklaces along the back wall of the closet. Scarves and belts hang from the upper racks for easy access.

So, that's my closet! What's your closet like?


  1. Now I want to take pics of my closet, and I also want to hang long necklaces in it. Great idea!

  2. Thanks, girls! I got so tired of never wearing my long necklaces because they were tangled/hidden away somewhere. Glad you like the idea - and yeah, you should definitely post pics of your closet!

  3. I am absolutely inspired by your closet! Your post is timely as I am in the midst of organizing and minimizing my closet too. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. Come on Zuzuli, let us see inside your closet, too!

  5. I will post photos as soon as it's about a week or so :)


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