Friday, February 26, 2010

New Bombshell Site: Vogue Curvy

The Milan-based version of Vogue has launched Vogue Curvy, an online site geared toward Bombshells. While I was hard-pressed to find features and photos of truly plus sized women, there are a lot of really fun features to the site like Daily Suggestions - which provides head to toe outfit ideas. I also like Curvy Icons, which provides a glimpse inside the lives and fashion sense of gorgeous gals like America Ferrara and Christina Hendricks.

Like I said, the site features Hollywood's version of plus size (i.e. anyone over a size 8). But I appreciate the effort and the visibility that Vogue Italia is putting into the plus size market. In my opinion, the American version of Vogue couldn't be less relevant to the fashion world - but it looks like her sister publications across the globe are keeping up!


  1. Arghh! I just subscribed to American Vogue. So you really think it's irrelevant?

  2. It's true, I am one person who does not worship at the alter of la' Wintour. And the page layout bugs me. And the magazine features the same rotating crop of cover models...but hey, it's just my opinion!


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