Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Countdown to 30 (cont'd)

Looking through pictures made me realize how often I wear this one green cardigan that I've had forever. Seriously, it's everywhere:

Over my vintage Joey McIntyre tee-shirt (pulled out of retirement...a.k.a storage at my parents') for the NKOTB reunion tour.

Giving shape to an otherwise sack-like tank top, with my mom. (Check out those bright yellow nails!)

Me, doing God only knows what while wearing the very popular sweater with my favorite jeans and plaid Converse sneaks.


  1. A fellow blockhead...love Joey McIntyre (he's my favorite), and love your blog!

  2. Just a testament to your great taste, V! I got to meet Joey at this concert and he is still as dreamy now as he ever was!


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