Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Countdown to 30 (almost there!)

I know, I know - that sunburn! About 30 seconds after this picture was snapped, someone said that it actually hurt to look at me. I'm assuming they meant my crazy sunburn was painful, because I know they weren't talking about my cute sundress! I bought that dress at Lane Bryant right before sailing off on a post-college graduation cruise with my BFF Kimi. We went to Mexico and the locals thought I was total chopped liver compared to the lovely and uber-blonde Kim. Whatever. I still have that dress, somewhere...

Alas, I wish I still owned this surplice polka dot tank top. I wore the hell out of that top the first few years out of college. It was another LB find; the polka dots just made me so happy. It also made me look kind of busty. :)

And, I think I'm 19. A total sorority girl (check out that 'I'm trying to be blonde' hair!). Granted, I was in a pretty cool sorority, as far as sororities go (we greeted our new members one year by picking them up on motorcycles). They key fashion element here is the pair of jeans I'm wearing - my absolute favorite pair of flares. Do you guys remember Venezia jeans before they added stretch to them? Yeah, these are vintage. Also, yes - that guy's keys are hanging off his nipple. And my friend, Ann, is stroking the other guy's looong goatee. Geez.

So, this concludes the little fashion retrospective of my 20's. It's been fun (for me, anyway!) to look back and see how my sense of style has (and hasn't) changed. It's also made me feel even more excited about what's next - in my life and in my closet. Thanks for all the super sweet birthday wishes, guys! As a gift back to you - we're going to celebrate my big day with a special give-away from Perricone. So check back for details on Thursday!

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  1. OMG That sunburn MUST have hurt. I got red like that in the Bahamas a couple of year ago, and it was killer. Love the dress too though. Just saying.


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