Monday, February 1, 2010

Color. Please, Give Me Some Color

Dan and I went window shopping this weekend and were both so incredibly bored by the clothes we saw! Everything was gray, black, or gray & black. I'm so tired of dull winter neutrals. I want baby pink, daffordil yellow, cobalt blue, grass green, and crisp white. I know February is one of those akward transitory months, where stores are sloooowly putting out the first of the spring collections while still trying to push what's left of their winter inventory. But there's no way I'm buying anything new until I start to see some color in the shop windows!

The outlook is a bit brighter online, with these perk-me-up pieces:

This SC by Sara Campbell overlay polka dot dress in light pink would make winter-pale skin look creamy, not pasty. It's also available in a cheery chartreuse green.

This lilac plaid tank would lighten up a business suit. I'd pair it with a short-sleeve cardigan and sandals once the weather warms up.

Ooooh, yes please. Lovely People 'Lilly' flat.

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  1. Loving the flats in this post, but what's with the price, Nordstrom?! I can't imagine a day when I would spend $98 on a pair of flats. I'm pretty stingy, though. Just sayin'.

  2. I'm glad you mentioned this because I had a mini meltdown Saturday when I found NOTHING to wear on my trip to Vegas (which happens tomorrow.)

    I was forced to clean out my closet (which took hours...) But it was worth it! I found sooooo much in there that fits well and looks good now.

    I bought a pair of flats with a zebra print and some new accessories, and now I'm ready to roll.

    Though I don't mind, I live in New York where black is a spring color...I can't wait to see fun and happy colors in the stores again...

  3. Kenz-Accessories are definitely a saving grace when all the clothes in stores are bland. Have a great time in Vegas!

    Kimmers- I usually look at Nordstrom for inspiration and then find dupes I can actually afford at Payless or Marshalls. How about you?


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