Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Requisite Golden Globes Recap

The Internet needs another Golden Globes recap as much as Heidi Montag needs more plastic surgery, but if you can't beat them join them. Unless you really are Heidi Montag, in which case - stop. Just. Stop. Here are my two cents, with an eye towards all things Bombshell:

Mo'nique won the award for Best Actress in a Drama, and truly seemed blown away by the whole thing. She looked very understated in a Grecian-inspired, drapey strapless gown. I wish she'd accessorized more; her very bare neckline was begging for a diamond or two. The yellow gold tone of the dress looked great next to the Golden Globe statuette. Mo'nique's makeup was also pretty subdued, which I liked - she had a really pretty glow on her cheeks that looked sort of NARS Orgasm-ish.

The lovely Gabby Sidibe rocked my absolute favorite color: emerald green. It set her skin tone off beautifully! Her chiffon, surplice bodice gown was accented with a jeweled waist. And I love the necklace! That's what I was hoping to see on Mo'nique. Gabby's so pretty, and her smile lit up the room. Seriously, every time the camera cut to her she just looked radiant.

My absolute favorite look on the red carpet was Glee's Jayma Mays. While not a plus-size Bombshell, her unique style makes her a Bombshell in spirit. Also? I think she seems like a fun girl, someone I'd like to grab coffee with. A lot of fashion critics panned Jayma's swirly, architectural black and white dress but I love it. And I love the fact that she's not wearing false eyelashes up to her eyebrows and super dramatic liner. She looks fresh and pretty.

I also liked Fergie's ethereal lilac dress, Kristen Bell's kicky white cocktail dress (which she said she chose because she needed to be able to move fast!), and Lea Michelle's dramatic gown, which many people thought made her look too old but I completely understand why she chose it.

Whose look did you love?

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  1. Monique really did herself in with the strapless dress - her arms were huge. A shawl (and like you said, necklace) would have done wonders.

    I also prefer her with her hair down, not all pulled back tight.


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