Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Build an Outfit - Pink & Grey

Whenever I'm in a wardrobe slump - everything in my closet feels uninspired - my go to resource for a kick start is Lloyd Boston's book, Before You Put That On. The book contains 365 daily style tips that help identify gaps in your wardrobe and how to put a new spin on the things you already own. Lloyd's tips trend toward a classic style and are geared toward a more mature woman than myself. But I take his suggestions as just that - suggestions. Thought starters. Ideas.

My favorite segments in the book are those in which Lloyd builds an outfit, piece by piece, and encourages the reader to find similar pieces in her own closet. For example, he might suggest:

Grey pants + baby pink cashmere sweater + black ankle boots = (a cheesy name for the outfit). Add extra style with gold hoop earrings and a classic denim jacket.

I never have the exact components for the outfit he describes. But that's the fun of it! Here's what my interpretation might look like;

Grey bootcut trousers.

Pink halter-style sweater.

I don't have a denim jacket, but a boyfriend blazer could sub in.

Rhinestone hoop earrings.

What would your version of this outfit look like?

Photo credit: Avenue.com; JessicaLondon.com; LaneBryant.com; FredFlare.com


  1. Sara-

    Thanks for the love! It means the world when someone really GETS my work.

    Don't sleep on these two resources also:

    JNY.com (for FAB fuller clothes)

    www.monifc.com (for hip downtown looks)


  2. Thanks for the comment, Lloyd! I'm a huge fan of your work.


  3. Sara--
    Hey its your Minnesota college student bombshell Bess. I recently plunged into the leggings looks with a purchase from lane bryant (http://www.lanebryant.com/apparel-accessories/tops/shirts-blouses/checkered-is-it-top-with-belt/4018c4019c90p57082/index.pro) but I'm looking for more top options. I like wearing the leggings (especially in the winter!) but need some attractive ideas. I post along these lines would be GREAT!


  4. Hey Bess! I hope everything is going well for you at school - I'll put together a leggings post for next week. Thanks for the request!


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