Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lane Bryant Icon Collection

Monday marked the launch of Lane Bryant’s newest concept, the Icon Collection. Available online and in a handful of stores, Icon’s intention is to fill a gap within the plus size industry for pieces that are inspired by European runway collections – presumably Chanel, Lanvin, etc. This inspiration extends beyond the trend-factor of the clothing to include a more thoughtful approach to style, fabric choice and details.

More formal and slightly less artistic than Icon’s upscale peer, Anna Scholz, the collection is sophisticated and full of great pieces upon which a Bombshell could create a grown-up wardrobe. The price point on this collection reflects the attention to detail taken in crafting each piece – hidden zippers, fully lined pants and skirts, finished seams – and includes tops for $58, blazers and jackets just under $200 and dresses for $108. Given the fact that this collection, more so than any other offering by Lane Bryant, is intended to be a life-long member of your wardrobe (or at least last longer than their mainstream offerings) the price per wear is a good deal.

In my opinion, Lane Bryant’s price point vs. quality factor has been a long-standing issue. Prices have risen over the years on pieces whose design and fabric choice didn’t support a $50+ price tag. I haven’t had a chance to experience the Icon Collection in person, to feel the fabric and check out the construction, but I believe this to be an honest attempt from Lane Bryant to step up their reputation around quality.

My personal “Must-Have” from the collection is the short dirndl skirt – my mind reels with the possible outfits that I could create with this piece!

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  1. Did you ever purchase this? I just got one on clearance for about 25 bucks (plus I had one of those amazing coupons - whee!) You should see if they have your size, if you didn't already purchase this!

  2. Thanks for the shopping tip, Christina! I haven't bought it, but you can bet I'm going to!!


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