Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feeling Quirky

You know what keeps life interesting? Small doses of quirk here and there. Like this:

Anna Scholz takes quirky upscale by adorning a classic cashmere sweater with heart-embellished sleeves. It's a fun way to get back to your elementary school roots.

Sling B and Lu's Freebird Scarf around your neck for equal parts warmth and cuteness. A quirky accessory injects new life into your basics - like a black tee shirt and jeans, or a work-worthy dress.

Little quirky touches here and there go a long way, like with this Forget Me Knot ring from Fred Flare; a delicate lace stitch hat from Knits and Bits on Etsy would look so cute clamped over wind-blown hair and a fall jacket; or add a hand-made brooch onto a sweater or at the waist of a wrap dress. Get creative!

Now, quirkiness (no matter how small the dose) does require a lack of concern on your part as to what others may think of your efforts. Just remember that as long as it's making you smile, it doesn't matter if you garner a few double takes or lifted brows. That tells you that you're doing something right!

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  1. AH! JUST found your site today! WISH I would have found it a while ago!!! Your new loyal follower!

  2. Hi Mindy! So glad you're here. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  3. What an awesome site! I am so excited to read more. I run a boutique you may be interested in checking out... We carry Anna Scholz, Melissa Masse, Marina Rinaldi and lots more.


  4. Thanks Catherine - and thanks for the tip about your boutique. I'll definitely check it out!


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