Monday, September 14, 2009

Beauty Moment - CG Lashblast Length Mascara

I've finally found a member of the Lashblast family of mascaras that I like: Lashblast Length. Gone is the short, inflexible, stabby wand. In its place, a long, ultra flexible wand that grips every lash (even the tiny ones near the corner of the eye). Lashblast Length's formula is less slippery goo, more light and silky. A major improvement.

Lashblast Length wears well all day, with no smudging or flaking. And when it's time to wash your face and go to bed, the formula rinses clean with your choice of soap & water or makeup remover.

If you didn't snap up a tube during Cover Girl's pre-sale event last month, you should be able to find Lashblast Length on shelves now at your local drugstore.

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