Monday, August 17, 2009

What to Wear to a Funeral

Forgive me if this topic seems morbid, but it's top of mind for me at the moment. My grandma died this weekend and I'm heading home for her funeral. Obsessing over what to wear is a lot easier than wallowing in sadness; I don't think I'm alone here since " What are you wearing" is the second most-common question among my family at the moment (right after "How are you doing," of course).

What makes dressing for this type of life event even more challenging for plus size women is that it's not always as simple as running out to the mall to pick up an appropriate outfit. And because funerals typically pop up quite unexpectedly, it's not always feasible to jump online and order something in time for the occassion (unless you're fine with paying lots of $$ for overnight shipping). So I really cannot stress enough what a good idea it is to make a simple black dress part of your wardrobe before you need it (and I'm not just talking about funerals - a black dress will come in handy for that last minute date or job interview, etc).

Thankfully, I have my trusty little black dress all ready to go. I plan on pairing it with black tights because, despite the summer heat, it just feels right for me to be a little more covered up than usual. I'm going to add a pop of color- bright green heels - in honor of Grandma. She'll be buried in the most cheerful hot pink pantsuit you've ever seen - which is perfect because I've never in my life seen her in a color more demure than lipstick red. She was that kind of lady.

When choosing an LBD, pick one that's as versatile as possible. This means a dress without too many bells and whistles or otherwise distinctive features. Make sure the fit is impeccable. Mine is similar to this Calvin Klein version: I prefer opaque black tights made by Cacique at Lane Bryant. They're not too terribly spendy when you consider how long one pair can last. I think it's a nice idea to pay tribute to a loved one with a special accessory or color. I know Grandma will get a kick out of green shoes like these because she always loved St. Patrick's Day, right down to the blinking plastic beer mug earrings she'd wear.

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  1. When my mom passed last year I has to hunt for a plain black dress. I didn't have one and I had to find one in Seattle that would be suitable for Houston in Sept! I definitely recommend keeping something in your closet for these events.
    I'm sorry about your loss. I love the idea of wearing the green shoes. What a great touch.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your grandma.

    I think this post was excellent, and very helpful. My grandfather passed away a few years back, and I remember having the same problem.


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